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Review : OlliOlli (VITA)


Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had machine capable of making bad times go away or act like time machine and take you to the future. Well Roll7 made a software capable of doing just that. I decided to play OlliOlli for 15 minutes and didn't realise when two hours flew by. It is a skateboarding time machine. 


I am not into skateboarding but as soon as I started OlliOlli colorful background, energetic dub-step music, and realistic-looking tricks made me fall in love with skateboarding. OlliOlli apart from being beautiful and well sought out, it is very addicting as well. OlliOlli is a pick up and play game, you can just pop it up anytime and play for 5 minutes and be happy or can grind 1-2 hours easily and you won't even know it. The beautiful and neon styled landscapes, the dub-step and rhythmic music which is always magically in sync with your player slamming his face on the ground, and each and every small detail keep your thumbs glued to the controls for a long while. Just like urban free style and hotline miami, OlliOlli also features a quick restart button because you are going to fail many times. 

The simple concept of 2D side scrolling skateboarding game is eXecuted accurately in OlliOlli. Skateboarding and grinding on pipes, helicopters, trucks, tanks etc. earns you points with eXecution of tricks and landings playing an important part in earning points. You hit the tricks by using left analog stick and land using X button,  the timing of hitting the tricks and landing is essential and earns you greater points. Tricktionary is always there to help you learn new tricks and it is easily accessible. Keeping up the speed is essential as well to hit the tricks and carry the grind,  you increase the speed by pressing X. Press X twice you reach top speed. 


There are various modes to play here. In Career, you have Amateur Mode, Pro Mode and after completing these , Rad Mode. There are 5 different locations with 5 levels in each. You also have 5 objectives to achieve in each level, which are essential if you want to complete Amateur mode. The last section is the neon city, hardest of them all. OlliOlli is very tough to beat at times but since you feel like you have an obligation to beat it and as you reach the finish line, you burst into happiness and relief for completing the stage, that is a magical feeling while gaming. 

Spots Mode is essentially a way of setting the best possible score you can on particular stage. Spots are levels that are designed to be one long line. Once you start the trick, you have to keep it going until you reach the end. As soon as you've landed on the ground, whether you've made it to the end or not, that's it. That will be your score for that level. For sheer challenge, Spots is the mode that you'll keep coming back to in the hopes of besting your score. These in turn are connected to their own online leaderboards. The obstacles to bounce off are limited and it’s a tense but hugely enjoyable part of the game. Daily Grind is the daily challenge with its own leaderboards. You're provided with a random level which you can practice infinite times in a day but when you play for real you have one chance and one chance only. You get different random levels daily for the grind. I think the careers and spots are just practice mode for grind as competing with the world and being the best is totally RAD. 


There are hidden skateboards to find if you get timing right at the end of a stage.There's a significant ranking system, with each level listing the top worldwide skater. Once you complete a run it will show you where you rank, and what the #1 score is.

Conclusion :

There's a lot to love about OlliOlli. Roll7 has really made a time machine for hours of enjoyment, time doesn't seem to bother when I am playing OlliOlli. HGunified recommends this game to all the skateboarding, high score-centric or simple game wanting crowd there. (9/10)

OlliOlli has 12 Trophies (8 Bronze, 3 Silver, 1 Gold) and $12.99(Rs 600) price tag which is totally RAD price for such awesome Game. You can buy the game HERE

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