3 Exciting Trends Coming For The Esports and Gaming World in 2022

3 Exciting Trends Coming For The Esports and Gaming World in 2022

3 Exciting Trends Coming For The Esports and Gaming World in 2022

Do you remember the times where thinking about video games and playing video games itself as a profession and a very lucrative one as well, was seen as more of an opium dream rather than a reality? No? Yeah, I honestly put those times far away from the life we’ve grown accustomed to living nowadays. One where the Esports and gaming industries have become two of the most important and popular lines of business in actuality. You can tell that the competitive world of Esports has grown to become one of the new driving forces in the sports industry when you see that almost, if not all, of the top sports betting news outlets are giving competitive gaming more and more coverage day in and day out for example.

For a few years, back both the Esports and Gaming business industries have seen their levels of revenue grossing as well as popularity grow immensely, with no real signs of those growth spurs stopping any time soon. So what’s in store in the Esports and gaming scene for 2022? Let’s take a look.

Higher Profile Endorsements Meaning Huge Revenue Spikes

Up until right now, you’ll see a bunch of celebrities, sports athletes, and other high-profile society players getting down to playing video games and praising everything around the world of gaming and Esports. Yet still, the gap between said A-listers getting more involved in the world of Esports and professional gaming and the actual industries themselves seems to be quite notorious. If you were to look at the potential and the numbers that the global Esports and gaming business realms manage to amass year in and year out, it’s frankly a bit hard to understand why such a gap would exist, especially taking into account how much more revenue could be produced by having strong endorsement and advertising deals between both parties, celebrities, and the Esports and gaming industries.

But now, given that 2022 is positioning itself to be yet another year of substantial economic growth for the world of Esports and pro gaming, with initial projections reflecting that revenue grossing percentages could end up being over 30% of all total revenue made by the Esports and gaming industries, the time for celebrities to jump on to the Esports bandwagon is coming. It doesn’t necessarily take a genius to understand that the benefits that come from being a part of the rapidly growing Esports industry and the market are one of the best business decisions around right now. Given that Esports is on a continuous path to cement their status as one of the premier sporting options in the world, already amassing more popularity than other mainstream sports disciplines, 2022 seems like the perfect year for celebrities to start getting more involved with Esports and gaming.

A Bigger Boost Of Popularity For Scholar Esports and Gaming Opportunities

When the Esports and pro gaming industries started making the rounds in mainstream society, it gave young, up-and-coming fans of all the ins and outs of the world of video games a perfect profession to strive for. Whether being a professional gamer, a game producer, designer, or developer, the options are ample and they’re as exciting as any real fan of the art of video games will tell you. But still, parents all around saw the idea of having a career in said industries as a volatile option with the chances of there being no real future very present. Well, in today’s world, the best we can say to those doubters is, go figure. The Esports and gaming industries have become two of the most interesting, exciting, and sought after fields of study and work around, with some of the best colleges not only in the US but around the world, offering top-tier education programs and degrees to allow gaming fans to further develop their fandom into an actual career.

Universities have seen the potential there is for hosting top-class Esports and gaming programs in their schools and have doubled down on that bet, especially given how prosperous the future continues to seem for these industries. From the looks of it, and with the pandemic restrictions easing up more and more, it seems that educational opportunities based on Esports and gaming will become two of the most popular and sought-after careers around.

Live Tournaments Will Be Back In Full Helm

If there was one scenario that changed drastically because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the way sporting events were held and managed. Society went from having world-class sports-related events happen daily, with thousands of fans flocking to stadiums and arenas all around, to having all of that come to a total halt. The same happened with Esports tournaments that were quickly becoming some of the hottest tickets in the world of sports entertainment events.

But now, in 2022 and because of the measures being taken by world authorities, it seems like it will be the year in which Esports-ridden tournaments come back in full swing and pick up right where they left off. From local tournaments and leagues to world championship summits, the Esports industry is ready to reclaim its throne as one of the more exciting sports entertainment options around. This, also means that yet another stream of revenue will be once again making an appearance for the Esports and gaming business ventures all around the world. Between endorsement and advertising deals, ticket sales, streaming charges, and others, it seems like there’s no real room for losing when it comes to the world of Esports and gaming.

SEGA and ATLUS Holiday Sales are Underway


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