4th Vlog of Angelic is Live!


4th Vlog of Angelic is Live!

The Metaverse team released the fourth vlog of Angelic and revealed new details about two new heroes: The infested sorceress Odile the Black Swan, and the infested alien warrior Rumbrogon.

The development team presents the newest addition to the latest hero-centric vlogs. This vlog in particular features Odile, who prior to becoming infested, was a soprano and ballerina. Another featured hero is, Rumbrogon, who is a unique nonhuman existence. He is perhaps the sole remaining self-conscious remnant of the alien races, all of which have been destroyed by the infestation.

Odile the Black Swan
Odile the Black Swan

Angelic is a narrative turn-based strategy RPG, set in a dark, science fiction universe. In Angelic, you can gather up spectacular heroes, gain their love and respect, upgrade and customize them. Immerse yourself into Angelic’s deep lore and an epic story, experience unforgettable journeys with multi-layered unique characters. Command your one-of-a-kind spaceship and explore an unforgiving universe. Fight with your team to protect your allies, harass the interests of suppressive corporations, and investigate horrific infestation phenomena.

The team consists of 56 talented people from the US, Macedonia, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Australia, and Syria. The development of Angelic started nine months ago when the coronavirus outbreak hit the world. Instead of letting their dreams go once again, hide and wait until the storm passes, the team has decided to embrace and ride it! That means the thing that bound the team together is not money and despite the circumstances, the team still pushes the project with their pocket money and passion.

Metaverse team will release more vlogs, cinematic content, screenshots, and more importantly, a playable demo (vertical slice) until the game’s Kickstarter campaign begins.

About Metaverse Game Studios, Inc. Metaverse is a young and independent game development company based in Florida, US, and the team is led by industry veterans who worked for core games such as Far Cry, Halo 3, Warface, League of Legends and more. Metaverse currently develops Angelic, a narrative turn-based strategy RPG, set in a dark science fiction universe, for PC and next-generation consoles.



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