Arcade Mini – Discover new visuals!

Arcade Mini - Discover new visuals!

Arcade Mini – Discover new visuals!

Microids is pleased to unveil the visuals of two new Arcade Mini models, which will join those announced a few weeks ago.

After Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Naruto Shippuden and Asterix and Obelix XXL, nostalgic gamers will also get the Arcades Mini licenses for One Piece and Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super!

Who never dreamed about navigating with Monkey D. Luffy?

Or to fight alongside Son Goku?

You can now bring these unique worlds to your home, thanks to these arcades, that will perfectly fit to your Switch and involve you on incredible adventures.

As the Arcades Mini are all reversible, it will even be possible for fans to choose the visual they wish to exhibit, among two available. They can also change it when they want to !

All the Mini Arcades will be available on 22nd, November 2019.

Grab your Joy-Cons and let the fun begins!

Easy to assemble and super handy, the Arcade Mini combined with the Nintendo Switch to create a beautiful arcade machine that you can take anywhere. Alone or with friends, relive the atmosphere of arcade rooms with this original mini box.

Product description:

Made with wood and printed with the colors of a major franchise, the Arcade Mini is formed of 8 parts  very easy to assemble. The support for the Nintendo Switch console offers an optimal playing comfort.

Product dimensions*:

  • Height: 240 mm
  • Width: 189 mm
  • Depth: 177 mm

The best way to combine the charm of retro gaming and the power of contemporary hardware!

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