Award-Winning Survival Game The Flame in the Flood Hits PS4 Today

Pack your wilderness supplies and get ready for a perilous rafting trip where you’ll kill wolves and other creatures as award-winning survival game The Flame in the Flood hits PlayStation 4 today as a special Complete Edition. Released on PC and Xbox One last year to critical acclaim, including numerous awards such “Best Games of 2016 You Didn’t Play,” “Best Game Soundtrack” and “Best Survival Game,” The Flame in the Flood is a real voyage of the unknown through a visually beautifully, yet impossibly harsh wilderness.
The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition is available exclusively for PS4 and contains a brand new Directors’ Commentary – which offers insight into the design and development – a wonderful dynamic theme, two new system avatars, plus a host of gameplay tweaks, designed to offer the most complete The Flame in the Flood experience possible. The PS4 version is being made by The Molasses Flood and Curve Digital. Check out the action in this new trailer:

The Flame in the Flood was created by The Molasses Flood, a team of AAA refugees, with veterans members hailing from the likes of Irrational, Harmonix and Bungie. The team has contributed to massive critical and commercial successes, such as the BiosShock games, Rock Band, Guitar Hero and the Halo series. The game will cost $14.99 USD on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Game Description:
The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition is a wilderness survival game in which a girl and her canine companion trek on foot and by raft down a procedurally-generated river. Scrounge for resources, craft tools, remedy afflictions, evade the vicious wildlife and, most importantly, stay healthy in a dangerous wilderness.
This Complete Edition also includes various gameplay enhancements and a Director’s Commentary mode. PlayStation players will also get access to free Avatars and a Dynamic Theme when they purchase The Flame in the Flood.
  • Journey down a procedurally generated river that changes with each with each playthrough.
  • Explore a unique post-societal world inspired by the beautiful, if deadly, backwaters of America.
  • Use real-life survival tactics to stay alive. Fend off hunger, dehydration and the ravenous wildlife that wants to eat you.
  • Survive long enough to see the end of the Story Mode or put your skills to test in the Endless Mode.
  • An original soundtrack by acclaimed Alt-Country rocker Chuck Ragan featuring The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin and other special guests.


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