Azur Lane: Crosswave Nintendo eShop Page is Live!

Azur Lane: Crosswave Nintendo eShop Page is Live!

Azur Lane: Crosswave Nintendo eShop Page is Live!

Reserve your spot in the Joint Military Exercise!We’re excited to announce that the Nintendo eShop pagefor the 3D action shooter, Azur Lane: Crosswave, is live! Add the game to your wishlist today!

The game will launch physicallyand digitally on the Nintendo Switch™ February 16, 2021 in North America and February 19, 2021 in Europe!

New features of the Nintendo Switch version include:​

  • Taihou and Formidable, formerly DLC for the PS4/Steam version, are included as playable characters! Both come with 3 support characters each and additional story content.
  • An updated Photo Mode: You can now pose up to 6 characters instead of 3 for more photo shoot fun! Get creative with new extended camera angles.

The game is now available physically and digitally on the PlayStation®4 in North America, Europe, and on Steam®
We also have a new website update which reintroduces the Royal Navy’s support ships, including the newest additions, Warspite and HMS Neptune!

A constitutional monarchy located on the Royal Islands, which possesses a long history. It is composed of the royal family, the symbol of the nation, and the prime minister and parliament who move the government.

Part of the fleet are of the same rank as nobles and royalty, and their standard of living is also on par with nobility. Among them, Queen Elizabeth holds an extreme popularity with the Royal Navy’s citizens akin to being a queen, and she is given a large voice in the nation’s management.

The Royal Navy which ships belong to prize courtesy, and they hold a climate of maintaining elegance as important, not only in their combat abilities, but their navy’s fashion as well.
  View all of the support Royal Navy characters on the official website!

Watch the Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Trailer!


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