Bad North: Jotunn Edition invades your mobile phone today!


Bad North: Jotunn Edition invades your mobile phone today!

The Vikings have landed! Gather up your loyal subjects, sharpen your blades, nock your arrows and prepare your defensive positioning – Bad North: Jotunn Edition is available now on iOS and Android!

To prepare you for the battles ahead, the majestic Viking painter Robert Ragnar Ross is here to paint you a happy little island for plotting out his invasion strategy.

If you’ll allow us a sentimental moment: it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the talented developers at Plausible Concept over the years to bring Bad North: Jotunn Edition to players on PC, consoles, and now optimized for mobile phones. From the beautiful artwork juxtaposed with charming brutality, to the simple structure that masks the deep strategy to achieve victory, this truly is a work of art that we’re proud to have in the Raw Fury family of games.
Pick up Bad North: Jotunn Edition for your mobile phone today!
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