Book of Travels Early Access Set for October 2021


Book of Travels Early Access Set for October 2021

On October 11th, Travellers from far and wide will set foot on Braided Shore and a new world will begin! Quality was our deadline and today we’ve met that deadline and can confidently commit to a date for Book of Travels‘ release: October 11th, 2021.
In the extra weeks we bought with our most recent and final delay we’ve wrangled with three pervasive issues which we called the Unholy Trio. Having fixed and repaired and pushed and pulled and repaired again, we’re ready to launch. 
While the Braided Shore will be ready to explore a few weeks from now, please bear in mind that Book of Travels is an Early Access game — there is much to be added, some features will change, and others may need a little adaptation here and there. We’re excited that Early Access allows us to do this together with players, with their verbal input and also in response to their tracks and traces.

Growing Together in Early Access

This is a journey that’s about dialogue, and everything we hear from players about their experiences will help craft this magical world and shape its future. We won’t just keep our eyes on the forums but also our ears to the ground, listening to where footsteps fall and making better design calls as a result. 
To hear more about plans for our Early Access journey, watch this three minute video with Lead Programmer Jens, and for more about planned updates stay tuned to our Steam News where in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing all about our design plans and programme of game updates.
We’re so thankful to our community for the patience and support that they have shown us – these extra weeks are but pebbles on a beach compared to the long and wide adventures that await us. A new world is about to take shape and we hope that you will join us and be among the first to explore this new land!

Express Yourself With Engaging Roleplay

Immersion is a central element of the Book of Travels experience and a key part of that is detailed character design. Players are able to craft unique characters whose personalities will shape their in-game story and lay the foundation for their roleplay adventure. Will your character be caring? Messy? Passionate? Maybe even a fussy eater? Once created, your unique character will become a Traveller who is new to the land of Braided Shore and free to explore, have encounters, and shape their own adventure.
An Enchanting World with Darkness at its Edges

Book of Travels is inspired by the kinds of art, animation, and literature that depict worlds both dark and beautiful. Rendered in exquisite, hand-painted scenery, this is a world that is enchanting to explore – but it’s not without the occasional sinister encounter. Enjoy the safety of well trodden paths, but stray into the beauty of the wilds and you may find troubles lurking…

Fewer Players, Stronger Connections

Book of Travels is a TMORPG – A Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. This is a riff on the usual MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and in play terms it means a very different way to share experiences with others in the game. With fewer players available to meet in the game world, connecting with others will be a very special part of the story experience. Enjoy discovering a new world with the potential for intimate, unforgettable encounters with other players along the way. 
There’s so much in store for Book of Travels and, so that you keep track of every step on this glorious journey, follow us on Steam, Youtube, or Twitter! ABOUT MIGHT AND DELIGHT

Might and Delight is an independent game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2010, the studio has released over twenty projects including games, digital books and artwork, all of which have a highly crafted visual style and explore emotionally engaging themes such as motherhood, loss, freedom and solitude.

We take our inspiration from many sources including art, history, music and folklore. All of our games have a unique aesthetic and we work hard to craft digital experiences that are beautiful, immersive and emotionally provocative.

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