China’s Rising Game Developer Shinezone Seek Partners at GDC

China's Rising Game Developer Shinezone Seek Partners at GDC
China's Rising Game Developer Shinezone Seek Partners at GDC

China’s Rising Game Developer Shinezone Seek Partners at GDC

At the ongoing “GDC2017” (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco, a game developer from China, Shanghai Shinezone Network Technology Co. Ltd. (Shinezone), is a new exporting platform of games in China which is looking for partners worldwide.

Shinezone, a “rising power” in the Chinese game developing business has made their voice heard at the conference. They hope to find upstream firms and platforms in the American game developing industry in a move to arrange its portfolios worldwide and to find more “God Fathers” in the game development sector.

Shinezone Has Obtained RMB 400 million (approx. $US58.24 million) Financing and Plans to Issue I.P.O. (Initial Public offerings)

Shinezone announced before arriving in San Francisco that it has completed the B round financing in China which was RMB 400 million (approx. $US58.24 million) and at the same time is planning to issue I.P.O. of A Shares.

With the headquarters located in Shanghai, China, Shinezone is a game company integrated with research and development, incubation, distribution and investment which has issued over 23 products covering 18 countries and regions. Shinezone has a millions of users and has strategic partnerships with international social and gaming platforms including Facebook, App Store, Googleplay, ArmorGames and

Founder and CEO of Shinezone  Frank Lee indicates that with the success of B round financing, Shinezone will establish a global distribution network, including acquiring upstream companies and platforms overseas in a move to arrange the portfolio of the entire industry chain and increase the investment in incubation technology and talents.

Shinezone Focuses on Competitive Products and Hopes to Partner with Game Developers

Shinezone has established accurate incubation platforms for games in China, which right now have 10 teams operating. With this platform, Shinezone optimizes the products and offers help to the developers as well.

Shinezone has been developing games for overseas markets for many years and they believe: Games in China focus on growth and games in overseas markets value customer experience. For example, each level of the best sellers in the North American market usually does not take long, but these games cover a very wide range of users, including both casual players and hardcore users who can find their perfect pace and way of gaming. The game culture has grown more global with efficient communication and learning taking places among different regions. We believe the best mobile game has not been developed yet, which is our goal.

Shinezone has extremely high requirements of products and this is why throughout the year of 2016, Shinezone only chose 10 start-up teams out of hundreds to cooperate and guide. This year Shinezone is still recruiting talents and will need no less than 30 start-up teams.

Shinezone has also built up a consultant group consisting of top overseas game developers in a move to offer the most advanced technology support to developers with core loop: UI (User Interface), art and sound effects. One of the purposes of the trip to San Francisco for Shinezone is to invite more experienced experts in game business to consult with Chinese developers and improve their development ability, as well as to better serve overseas users.

Shinezone Acquires Overseas and Seek International Partners

According to the “China Gaming Industry Report of 2016 ” jointly published by GPC (Game Publishing Committee of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association) and IDC (International Data Corporation), the actual income of China’s self-developed online games of overseas markets reached USD 7.23 billion in 2016, showing a year-on-year growth of 36.2%. This also shows that Chinese games are steadily heading to the international market. Game developing companies including Shinezone who focus on overseas game development have put overseas acquisitions and international partnerships on their agenda.

What Shinezone wants is to build an eco-circle to connect upstream, downstream and other relevant sectors of game developing industry. With this purpose, they will visit multiple upstream companies in game developing business in the U.S., including segments of publishing and promotion, media channels of integrated marketing and sales, in a move to build a complete industry chain through investing and acquiring quality resources. “Both China and United States have enormous gaming markets and an excellent environment for developing and operating gaming products. Shinezone is willing to be the bridge between Chinese and western gaming cultures. We hope to create products of good quality, as well as to accurately deliver these good products to more customers to bring them more fun.”


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