A Leader is Wanted: Destiny’s Sword Lands on Early Access Starting from October 17th


A Leader is Wanted: Destiny’s Sword Lands on Early Access Starting from October 17th

You know the drill: start a campaign and kick off the first mission. You’re ordered to take your team of peacekeeping soldiers and handle a series of riots as cleanly as possible, without any civilian casualties. But when the action starts, everything goes sideways and now you must decide whether to shoot or talk your way to get back in one piece.

Sometimes the worst wounds are not visible – surviving the mission is only the first challenge. In Destiny’s Sword you manage your team through the highs and lows of combat, making sure your troops are in the right frame of mind to bring peace to the planet Cypris.

Destiny’s Sword is a living, graphic adventure with rich narrative gameplay in which empathy is your most powerful tool.

“The living-narrative gameplay of Destiny’s Sword means your actions don’t just affect the story, they affect your team emotionally. As their leader, you have to get to know them–find their strengths, help them overcome their weaknesses, and support them through difficult situations in order to accomplish your goals.”, describes Ken Hall, the creative director of Destiny’s Sword.

The story is written by New York Times bestselling author M. D. Cooper, and the studio has been consulting with psychologists and war veterans to make sure the characters’ personalities and reactions are realistic and respectful. The studio behind Destiny’s Sword is 2Dogs Games from Ontario, Canada. The studio is run by long-time game industry veterans, who all share a passion for deep, story-rich adventures and sci-fi.

Destiny’s Sword is coming to Steam’s Early Access on October 17th, 2022. The game is fully feature-complete, but will receive new content and new chapters in the full release in Spring, 2023. “Including the player community and their feedback in the story’s evolution is very exciting for us. The story is a living one, so this is the perfect opportunity to let our fans jump into the development process from the first steps onward”, says Sami Mikkola from the game’s publishers, Bonus Stage Publishing.


  • Destiny’s Sword is a graphic sci-fi adventure with RPG progression and rich narrative gameplay
  • Coming out in Steam’s Early Access on October 17th
  • Price in Early Access 7.99 USD/EUR
  • Developed by 2Dogs (Canada), published by Bonus Stage Publishing (Finland)

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