Dream Cycle is Now Released Out of Early Access


The full wonders of the Dreamland planes are now ready for you and Morgan to explore

Raw Fury and Cathuria Games are pleased to announce that Dream Cycle is exiting its early access run and the full 1.0 release is now live. Players will be able to fully immerse themselves in this narrative adventure and confront the Crawling Chaos that is set to damn the world within.

Dream Cycle has a celebratory 50% discount that runs until the 16th of August.

📽️ Watch the launch trailer here!

New key features that you can play with this release:

  • Number of map locations increased to 9 endlessly replayable areas, each with their own look and layouts.
  • Loads more new enemies, weapons, spells and perks such as Assassin and Sorceress, that shift Morgan’s combat abilities dramatically.
  • New cursed Totems with shiny new effects, such as the Totem of blindness that blocks Astral Projection, creating zones of high difficulty in some levels.
  • New interior types including Temples.
  • Updated environments. 
  • Plenty of post-game content to dive into!

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