Endless Space 2 Drops Two Surprise Content Packs

Endless Space 2 Drops Two Surprise Content Packs
Endless Space 2 Drops Two Surprise Content Packs

Endless Space 2 Drops Two Surprise Content Packs

Music, lore, and sales galore! Amplitude Studios has let loose dual unannounced new content packs entitled Untold Tales and Lost Symphony, alongside weeklong promotions.

Has the cold weather left you in need of a pick-me-up? We have just the thing… No, it’s not space-cocoa, it’s two surprise content packs for Endless Space 2! And what better time than the final rainy weeks of Winter to get back into the grand strategy title that puts players at the helm of their very own space opera.

And for those of you who have yet to dive into Endless Space 2, you’re in luck. To celebrate release week, Endless Space 2 will be 50% off on Steam from March 12th – March 19th.

Endless Space 2 is available on Steam!

Untold Tales

With 25 exclusive quests4 new Minor Factions, and 4 new Heroes there’s something for everyone in the Untold Tales. Are you into the more “down-to-earth” factions like the terraforming Sowers? Or do you fancy the community-picked gelatinous Sefaloros and their hero Ooblart Essacius? (…all hail Ooblart the galactic Jellyfish!)

Lost Symphony

Your newfound adventures deserve a new soundscape! Cruise through the outer-rims of the galaxy with 7 new musical tracks to accompany you on your quest for space domination. As a bonus, we will be including the Harmony Minor Faction, the famed conscious crystals from the original Endless Space.

Listen to the tracks on the G4F Bandcamp and check out our special visual trailer!

Both content packs are available now on Steam with a 10% discount through March 19th.


For more information on Endless Space 2, log on to www.endless-space.com or follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube. For more information about SEGA, visit www.sega.co.uk.

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