Fishing Master Launches Free PSVR-Exclusive Demo

Fishing Master Launches Free PSVR-Exclusive Demo
Fishing Master Launches Free PSVR-Exclusive Demo

Fishing Master Launches Free PSVR-Exclusive Demo

Fishing Master, the upcoming fishing game shipping for PlayStation®VR (PS VR)in fall 2017 has released a free demo today that is sure to reel in gaming enthusiasts big and small.  Fishing Master will be a PS VR exclusive.

Fishing Master skips the worst parts of fishing-waking up early, being really cold, sitting around doing nothing for hours-and focuses instead on the best bit: the battle between human and fish. Though the game may sound simple, much like fishing itself, it demands sharp strategy and fast reflexes to hook the perfect catch. The game features smooth motion to eliminate the possibility of VR simulation sickness during game play.


The demo offers 30-60 minutes of gameplay, after which players can expect to be hooked. Game developer and publisher Snowball Games has confirmed that the full game is expected to be released on Oct. 24.
Download the demo here: Fishing Master Demo Link

About Fishing Master
The demo offers a glimpse at one of Fishing Master‘s stunning maps: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Adopting open water scene is not easy due to the technical reasons. The full game promises more gorgeous locales, all based on real-world locations and all scored with realistic B-format Ambisonic audio, adding to the realism of the fishing experience.
Don’t know how to fish? Don’t have professional fishing device? Just use the trigger then you can enjoy the fun of combat with fish at home. In the demo, player can learn how to control and battle with the fish. In order to provide players with the most immersive fishing experience possible, the game built the fishing rod out of 60 “bones,” giving the rod clear and realistic curvature. Furthermore, the fishing line motion track after throwing out is under accurate mathematical algorithm to simulate the actual physical performance.
The demo also includes a special task. As several levels of difficulty are set to the fish in game, players can challenge themselves to capture a fish with three-star difficulty. To reel in this challenging prize, they must employ sharp observation, swift action, and patience.


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