Forest Island Celebrates the Snowy Season with Winter Veil Update


The relaxing wildlife-healing experience now has a calm icy tundra and adds the ability to visit others’ islands as well

NEOWIZ today announces the Winter Veil has come to Forest Island, a calming, zen-like idle game about healing a devastated island back to life. Available now on the App Store and Google Play, the Winter Veil brings the ‘Snowflake Island’ which only appears during these wintery months, and can be visited until March 31st. During this weeks-long event, players will be able to collect snowflakes and spend them like currency to unlock special animals (Arctic Fox, anyone?), permanent weather options, and more. In addition to special unlocks, ‘Snowflake Island’ itself can be upgraded throughout the season using said snowflakes.

In addition to the new content, the ‘Visit System’ will also be added in which users can travel to other users’ Snowflake Islands. The system activates when reaching grade 5 of Snowflake Island and enables functions such as sending gifts and taking photos. Users can also give out gifts including ‘Snowflakes’ to other users by visiting their islands.

About Forest Island
In Forest Island, players start with a small collection of creatures, and through the care of their little habitat, will begin to expand the terrain with tranquil forests, lakes, beaches, and much more. With dozens of animals to collect and a calming, lyrical soundtrack to help you relieve the stress, Forest Island is the perfect game to unwind with after a busy and grueling day.

Forest Island can be enjoyed with 12 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese, and already has a resounding 5-Star rating on the App Store and Google Play.

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