Dovetail Games Releases “Foundry Dock” DLC for ‘Euro Fishing’ on Xbox One & PC

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Dovetail Games Releases "Foundry Dock" DLC for 'Euro Fishing' on Xbox One & PC

Dovetail Games Releases “Foundry Dock” DLC for ‘Euro Fishing’ on Xbox One & PC

Want to get involved with the metropolitan trend taking the world of fishing by storm? Dovetail Games’ Euro Fishing has returned with “Foundry Dock,” the new DLC that takes you deep into the world of urban fishing, launching today for $10.99 on Windows PC via Steam (discounted this week to $8.24), as well as $10.99 on Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store. It will arrive in the future on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

From the drum and bass soundtrack to the graffiti-specked walls around you, “Foundry Dock” mirrors the moody grit and grime of real urban fishing culture. Its setting takes inspiration from popular city-based fishing spots, such as Albert Dock in Liverpool and the Wharf in Cardiff, the mood shifting from tranquil to haunting as the sun rises and sets.

“We’re thrilled to finally show off ‘Foundry Dock,’ our first downloadable content for Euro Fishing,” said Mark Greenway, fishing business director at Dovetail Games. “Urban fishing is the biggest trend in fishing today, and we’ve captured all the elements that make it so exciting. ‘Foundry Dock’ brings something different to the world of fishing games, and we can’t wait to see what fans think when they finally get their hands on it!”

Fishing fans can look forward to 11 acres of docks from which to pluck carp, while expert anglers will have their skills tested by 20 new boss fish with a host of new achievements to unlock.

While “Foundry Dock” offers a whole new challenge for Euro Fishing players, newcomers can jump straight in with the “Urban Edition” bundle on Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam, which contains both Euro Fishing and the “Foundry Dock” DLC.

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Dovetail Games was launched in 2013. Previously trading as Ltd, the business launched in 2009 initially producing and marketing the PC game Train Simulator. Today, Dovetail Games is responsible for developing train, flight and fishing simulation games for PC and leading consoles.


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