Master Your DJ Dreams – FUSER Is Now Available


Master Your DJ Dreams – FUSER Is Now Available

FUSER™, the next evolution of interactive music games that puts players in control of the music, is now available to download for the PC, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Developed by Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band™ and Dance Central™, and published by NCSOFT, FUSER challenges players to combine elements from songs by some of the world’s top artists. For more information about the game, including the full base soundtrack of over 100 songs and the first 25 DLC songs, visit the game’s official website.

FUSER Features:

  • Opening Acts – Learn to master the decks in the Single Player Campaign: A series of challenges designed to teach players the skills to make the hottest mixes and unlock new tracks.
  • Work on Your Vibe – Perfect the ultimate DJ performance in Freestyle mode – no time limits, no challenges, just you, the music, and hundreds of thousands of screaming fans.
  • Sense of Style – The key to headlining any festival is individuality. Unlock and customize new looks from new threads, to outlandish helmets, tattoos and bodypaint. But it doesn’t stop there, the stage is customizable too, with visual effects, pyrotechnics, fireworks, and more.
  • Make a Name for Yourself – FUSER has online collaborative and competitive multiplayer. Work together to make killer mixes or stand your ground to see who can put on the hottest DJ performance.
  • Go Global – The best part of making a new mix? Sharing it with the world. FUSER lets players share video of their gameplay and mix in-game and to popular social media channels.

FUSER is the ultimate celebration of music festival culture, putting players on stage at the world’s largest digital music festival and allowing them to create custom music mixes from the beats, instrumentals, vocals, and electronic elements of 100+ songs.

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