PLITCH Game Customization Software Now Supports 3,000 Games and Counting

MegaDev Reveals Funniest PLITCH Customizations Available On the Platform

Tales of Arise Marks the 3,000th Game Supported on Software Platform

Megadev GmbH, the developers behind the innovative single-player gameplay customization platform PLITCH, are pleased to announce that Tales Of Arise is the 3,000th game supported on PLITCH. This auspicious milestone further bolsters PLITCH’s status as the premier game customization code maker; a title achieved thanks to its wide breadth of supported games, focus on safety and security, easy to access codes, and multi-language support.

This breakthrough results from years of hard work, and it illustrates the commitment to high-quality single-player game customization options that MegaDev has built upon its reputation. Currently, an average of 10 new games per week are added to PLITCH, which amounts to roughly 50 games per month and over 500 per year.

“One of the biggest ongoing challenges in modern video games is that they aren’t finished updating once they release,” said MegaDev Managing Director Markus Schaal. “To ensure that these games still function after the updates, we have separate employees dedicated to making sure every game update is supported on PLITCH. It’s no small undertaking, but making sure that PLITCH subscribers can continue to play the games that they love is a key pillar of our strategy.”

To make this ongoing game customization support possible, PLITCH has specialized trainer creators whose primary role is to focus on adding customization options for new games to PLITCH as soon as possible—typically on the day of launch—so that PLITCH subscribers can use the codes to get the most out of the games that they’re excited about.

MegaDev’s team works to ensure the entire library of PLITCH codes work. It includes support for games of all genres, ranging from the smallest indies to the largest blockbusters, a key differentiator from its competition. The PLITCH client also has a recommendation system that suggests new and exciting games for users to check out.

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