Home Gaming Gameplay/ Trailers Get Building 🛠️ Introducing The Vehicle Building Simulator “Rover Builder”

Get Building 🛠️ Introducing The Vehicle Building Simulator “Rover Builder”


Get Building 🛠️ Introducing The Vehicle Building Simulator “Rover Builder”

Build amazing 3D vehicles from simple buggies to trucks, cranes and rocket powered rovers in the all new Rover Builder! With a massive selection of parts, materials, weapons and more, design true mechanical systems simulated in real time.   In Rover Builder, you will be tasked with solving increasingly challenging missions by building the right rover for the job. From retrieving and return collection missions, to traversing difficult terrain and combatting AI enemies.    
5 Huge Updates to Come For Early Access Vehicle Building Simulator ‘Rover Builder’, Playable Now on Steam
    Improved Rover Editor Rover Sharing Brand New Levels Tutorial 0.1 Coming April, 2021   Expanded Level Editor, featuring more objects, props & tools Level Sharing to invite others into your world, or make public for other players  
    New Rover parts Even more levels Steam Achievements   Yet more levels New enemies in Level Editor Complete tutorial   Polished game, all final fixes and features ready for launch!  
  Steam Remote Play Together Sale  
  Steam Remote Play Together is now released to all Steam users. With this feature, you can now invite Steam Friends to join your local co-op, local multiplayer, and shared/split-screen games online.   In celebration of the release, Steam is hosting a Remote Play Together Sale & Streaming Event. We have 7 games included in the sale so go grab yourself a bargain.    Cat Quest II (40% off) Inertial Drift (30% off) Supermarket Shriek (25% off)

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