Goner – 100% funded on Kickstarter


Goner – 100% funded on Kickstarter

I’m excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign to fund Goner, the dinosaur-themed survival-horror game coming to PC in the next few months, has reached 100% of its goal!
Goner is a thrilling new take on the adventure genre, telling the story about a son that, following his missing mother’s research, will get him to an unknown and dangerous island.

There are just 16 days left to end the funding campaign of Goner and the next milestones will cover the integration of giant dinosaurs such as a quetzalcoatlus and a mosasaur with new game mechanics and interactions, and the port to consoles.


# Meet the Troodons! First Community Goal achieved! Check it out:  Troodon Reveal 

Goner is a first person perspective survival-horror game that promotes self-management and exploration style gameplay.  You will have complete freedom travelling through a large island, but you will need to be prepared accordingly to survive the many dangers it hides. Face feral dinosaurs and the remaining members of a lost civilization gone wild!

● Survival Mode: Your only goal is to live as many days as possible. You’ll eventually earn rewards and achievements that will boost your stats and skills to equip and use in your next tries.

● Story Mode: You start the game with a clear mission: find your mother and her missing crew…

Then, get the hell out of there! Along the way, you will learn more about the island and its dark secrets. Meet unforgettable characters, and get yourself involved in interesting side quests.

➔ Senses: Predators will be able to see you, hear you and smell you. Even if you can defend yourself, sometimes your best chance of survival will be to flee and to hide. You will need to watch your steps and be cautious. 

➔ Camouflage: Hide your scent covering your body with mud. There will be more (unpleasant and dangerous) ways of disguising your smell, as well.

➔ Survival Mechanics: Stats and inventory management. Activities like hunting, fishing, cooking…Craft and improve items and tools. Build shelters and traps.

➔ Survival Horror Mechanics: There will be “safe spots” where you can rest, build, craft and prepare without any danger. You will need to find specific flints to be able to save your progress at your bases. Inventory will be limited and weapons mostly innefective against certain big or fast aggressive animals. Run, hide and avoid dangers. 

➔ Skills: By repetition and success, you will be able to skill up your survival abilities.

➔ Biomes: A variety of environments will shape the island such as coasts, swamps, meadows, thick jungles…And natural & man-made geographic features such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls, abandoned buildings or camps for you to explore and use.

➔ Day and Night Cycles + Weather System:  With their pros and cons. Travelling during the day will give you more visibility and is generally safer. But you will get tired and thirsty faster on hot, sunny days. Predators are more active and your visibility can be worse at night, but your general stats will last longer. Rain and fog will force you to change your plans.

➔ Natural Dangers: The island itself hides many hazards such as quicksand, toxic and poisonous flora or irritating insects among many others. Watch your steps.

➔ Complex AI and Behaviours: Dinosaurs and enemies will react not only to your actions, but the surroundings and other fauna, as well. Raptors will learn, call each other, organize an attack, set traps… Predators will decide if you are a worthy prey.

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