June in Habbo: Visiting South Korea!

Habbo kicks off its spring campaign with the launch of new digital lifestyle magazine "The Pixel"

This month, we’re finally taking a trip to K-Town. Explore the city of Seoul with Habbo!

Sulake, part of the digital entertainment and media platform Azerion, announced that Habbo’s June theme will be South Korea! New furniture items include traditional Korean dishes, K-Pop idol outfits and fan culture merchandise. The event also includes a new location, the Seoul Apartments, which is the perfect place to learn about the South Korean culture and lifestyle. 

Additionally, as June is Pride month, there will also be new items in Habbo‘s Pride collection for Pride month, the long-awaited Rainbow Pillow LTD, which will be available at the end of the month.
Alongside new furnis and items, the June update comes with 2 new random Boxes; the Idol Fanclub Box and the Idol Beauty Box. The Idol Fanclub box is the perfect way to enter the fandom, with lightsticks, vinyl, postcards and even clothing inspired by K-Pop idols. The Idol Beauty Box shows off the depth of Korean skincare and cosmetics, while also offering K-Pop inspired clothing items.

Check out the graphics for full details!

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