Just Dance & Reebok Team Up to Encourage Fitness for All!


A great “fit”!

Today, Just Dance, the #1 Music Video Game Franchise of All Time,* and Reebok, a leading designer and marketer of fitness and lifestyle footwear and equipment, teamed up to create an exclusive map in Just Dance. Inspired by both brands’ focus on driving healthy fitness through collectivity, the map is designed to challenge people globally with a punchy routine that mixes vintage dance styles and today’s latest trends.

Whether they want to exercise alone or in group, both Just Dance and Reebok connect with consumers by encouraging everyone to stay active and keep fit. The partnership highlights the power of connection and the bonds that can be formed through fitness while recognizing the many benefits health and wellness bring to individuals and communities around the world. “The gaming and sporting goods industry have a lot in common when it comes to values and goals – innovation, creativity, exploration, performance, and the desire to connect with the Gen Z audience. Staying true to our brand purpose of ‘Life Is Not A Spectator Sport’, we decided to partner up with Just Dance to promote our common goal towards human movement and wellness. We are excited, and we look forward to hearing what our audience has to say about this fun and engaging collaboration.” said Laurent Fricker, Reebok Senior Director Product Footwear.

Created in close collaboration with both brands, the map features a new track by the Puerto Rican hit duo Domino Saints entitled “My Way”, which encourages people to discover their own path to fulfilling their potential. The four coach avatars, dressed head-to-toe in Reebok, challenge players to hit the right moves and reach their fitness goal. “The collaboration with Reebok was a natural fit for us. Both brands are truly rooted in everyday life, with elements from pop-culture and fashion, and not restricted to video games or sport in any way. We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with such a lifestyle brand and we love the punchy and fresh choreography!” said Matthew Thomkinson, Just Dance Creative Director. Never give up, always keep going – exercise has never been so fun!

But the collaboration doesn’t end here – inspired by the map, fans and followers can participate in a TikTok challenge that will be launched to support the brands’ goals around fitness. As part of the challenge, people of all ages will be encouraged to show how they celebrate every achievement, whether big or small, with their best dance move this holiday season and beyond. It’s time to prove there are no small celebrations in life. Life Is Not A Spectator Sport, and they should definitely Just Dance It Out!

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