Relive the Mystery with Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut on October 26th


Relive the Mystery with Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut on October 26th 

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut, the revamped point & click mystery adventure, will be launching on October 26. This was revealed in the new trailer where Arielle Siegel (the voice of titular Kathy) breaks down some of the updated features added on from the original 2016 version. Currently available to wishlist, the Director’s Cut will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam and GOG as well as Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. 

About Kathy Rain 

Kathy Rain follows a burgeoning journalist as she investigates the mysterious death of her grandfather. Set during the age of laser discs and landlines in the 1990’s, Kathy is armed only with her trusty motorcycle, a notepad, and her wits. Traveling all over her hometown of Conwell Springs, Kathy will uncover a local mystery that will take her on a tumultuous journey.

From the moment she arrives in town, the questions begin to pile up. What was her grandfather, Joseph Rain, looking for in the woods years ago? What was it that put this war hero into a near catatonic state? What secrets are the people of this town hiding? Piece together the clues and follow the leads to discover the truth!

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Updates 

  • Extended storyline, including a fleshed out and more satisfying ending
  • Multiple new areas to explore, with additional gameplay and puzzles
  • 700+ new lines of dialogue voiced by the original voice actors
  • Widescreen 16:9 backgrounds
  • Expanded and remixed soundtrack
  • Different motorcycle skins to personalize Kathy’s motorcycle 
  • Full controller support
  • No Spoilers, but… DEATH SEQUENCES! 
  • Twice the number of Steam achievements
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation with more languages to follow
  • And more!

No Longer Home is OUT NOW on Xbox and Switch


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