King of Fighters XV Reveal Trailer + Sam Sho Season Pass 3


King of Fighters XV Reveal Trailer + Sam Sho Season Pass 3

SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company Chairman and President: Ge Zhihui) has shared today that the long-awaited next iteration of its flashy fighting game series, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV, will launch this year. The game’s first official trailer has been revealed in celebration of today’s announcement. Decades after the original title took the world by storm in 1994, this sequel will etch itself into series history with burning fists and lightning-fast moves fans of all ages will enjoy.
Take a look at THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV’s first official trailer below alongside a special message from the game’s developers:

SNK also announced that SAMURAI SHODOWN’s Season Pass 3 will launch mid-March 2021 and feature SAMURAI SHODOWN II’s wildly popular CHAM CHAM as its first character. Admire CHAM CHAM clawing her way back to the spotlight below:
THE LAST BLADE 2’s young warrior HIBIKI TAKANE will also be joining the fray. More details regarding HIBIKI TAKANE’s moveset and playstyle will be revealed shortly.
Additionally, SAMURAI SHODOWN fans will be able to Guard Crush their opponents for the first time in series history when the Season Pass 3 launches this March. Devoted players can expect to come across carefully engineered balances and improvements to battle systems alongside the update.
Witness the ferocious battles that await with today’s Season Pass 3 trailer, and listen to SNK’s developers to find out more about THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV:  

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