Letters is coming to Nintendo Switch


A heartwarming story about finding the right words.

PID Games is happy to announce its partnership as a publisher with 5am Games on the much awaited Letters.Already announced on PC with a demo available on Steam, Letters is a puzzle adventure with a branching storyline and a word-based game mechanic. As announced this week-end during the Wholesome direct, the game is now coming to Nintendo Switch with a new trailer. Inspired by the successful Life Is Strange or A Normal Lost Phones, in Letters you travel back in time to the 90s and 2000s and move through the pen pal letters and chat messages of Sarah, a shy girl from Swizerland. Follow her life through all the ups and downs of growing up and make decisions that will change what kind of person she’ll become. You use your keyboard or gamepad to run and jump through her messages, solving riddles along the way. In a world made from paper and computers, words matter. So use their power to change drawings that block your way, help friendly characters and interact with images of Sarah’s friends and family. Like in real life, finding the right words is hard. That’s why in Letters you can create new words by breaking apart the existing ones. Think outside the box and play with words in a new and fun way.
5am Games
Aleksandra started the project in 2015, as a small game prototype at the Zurich University of the Arts. Creating new words by removing letters and using those to change drawings in a text was innovative and a lot of fun to play. Two years later, with Selina and Martina, they decided to refine the prototype with the goal of making a real game out of it.The team exhibited several iterations of the project at different game festivals and conferences and even won a grant from the Swiss arts council to continue to work on the project. All the positive feedback motivated them to work on the game full time. They won additional grants, participated in the Swedish accelerator program Stugan and founded 5am Games.
The goal of the team is to establish 5am games in the international gaming industry and continue to create innovative and authentic games they truly care about.

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