Move Or Die Announces Holiday Green And Gold Update Launching Dec 21

Move Or Die Announces Holiday Green And Gold Update Launching Dec 21
Move Or Die Announces Holiday Green And Gold Update Launching Dec 21

Move Or Die Announces Holiday Green And Gold Update Launching Dec 21

The furious minds of Those Awesome Guys announced that their holiday content update for Move or Die – the ‘Green & Gold Update’ – will be available on December 21. Featuring a plethora of wonderful, friendship-destroying, holiday cheer, the ‘Green & Gold Update’ introduces the brand new “Not-A-Store” Item System that completely reinvents how new characters, game modes, Mutators, and other new features are unlocked. And as expected with major updates, the ‘Green & Gold Update’ contains a huge collection of new insane characters, game modes, Mutators, as well as new ways to customize your character, never before seen in Move or Die.

“The Green & Gold Update is by far our largest content update since Move Or Die was released and one where I wanted to send a loud and clear message – microtransactions SUCK,” eloquently states Nicolae Berbece, founder and lead developer for Those Awesome Guys. “For every Move or Die update that we’ve launched, it’s always been free. Game updates should be free and that’s something I’m confident to say we all agree on (you know, except big AAA studio executives).”

Move Or Die demonstrates how deadly Tetris can be with the new Tetrominos Game Mode.

Move or Die is not just the title of the game, but a fundamental gameplay rule: gamers who fail to move will see their health bar diminish rapidly. Players will battle each other in an ever-growing list of mini-game modes that change every 20-30 seconds. Each challenge has its own outrageous level design and rule set to promote hours of laughter and good old friendship-destroying fun. Win battles and unlock insane new character skins, Mutator game modifiers that dramatically change how mini-games are played, and even crazier game modes. When gamers are done beating friends on the couch, jump online and challenge other players to see who will rage-quit first.

To learn more about Move or Die, please visit, ‘Like‘ it on Facebook, and follow its development on Twitter @moveordiegame for all the latest developer updates and news.

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Founded in 2012 by Nicolae Berbece, Those Awesome Guys is a one-man independent video game developer based in Romania that teams up with developers from around the world to create really awesome games. After releasing Concerned Joe, a 2D puzzle platformer Flash game that generated a small, but dedicated following, Nick decided to give the title a proper remake. And so was born Move or Die, an absurdly fast-paced multiplayer party game coming out in January on Steam.


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