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MULAKA PHYSICAL EDITION: Regular PS4 Version shipping soon!


MULAKA PHYSICAL EDITION: Regular PS4 Version shipping soon!

Mulaka’s Physical Edition is finally upon us! We are really proud to present to you the first finished results of our collaboration with German publisher First Press Games. The PlayStation 4 version has arrived at Germany and our friends at First Press have prepared an unboxing of this epic release for you!

For those that are waiting for the Nintendo Switch version, please have just a little more patience, we will have good news soon! Didn’t preorder the physical release of Mulaka yet? If you are a fan of 3D action-adventure games, we highly recommend you consider it for your gaming library! There are even exclusive in-game features in this physical release, which will give you a new experience even if you already played through the digital release!
Order Your Physical Edition Here!

The physical release of Mulaka will have some game-changes that are exclusive to the physical release:

  • Exclusive new player skin!
  • Visually revamped levels
  • New Easter eggs hidden in the game
  • All language options from the Asian release have been added
  • Fresh rebalancing and general performance improvements
We have been listening to you, and we wanted to take a little bit of time to address some of your common questions:
Q1) When will the physical edition of Mulaka begin to ship?
The PlayStation 4 Version is now in stock and will start shipping Mid-April, after First Press Games receives the revised Collector Coins.

For all other versions, please check their Release Progress page!

Q2) I need help with my order!
For pretty much all inquiries, like account activation, address changes, etcetera, please contact First Press Games directly via [email protected] – They will get back to you as soon as possible!

Q3) What about the Collector’s Edition?

For those of you waiting for the Collector’s Edition, we are sorry to inform you that it will still take some additional time to get ready, as some of the additional inserts in them are still under delayed production due to the global pandemic. However, progress is steady and everything should be ready in the coming months.
That said, we have used the additional time to bolster some of the exclusive content contained in the Collector’s Edition: The Making Of & Art Book for Mulaka no longer features 100 pages as originally announced, but instead it features over 250 (!) content-rich pages with a beautifully arranged layout. And the CD/OST bundle has something yet unannounced going for it as well… We’ll show more details in an upcoming newsletter! Stay tuned, we assure you the wait will be worth it

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