New War Wings Update Takes Flight

Hit mobile WWII dogfighting game adds Ace Pilot League mode
and enhanced game features
A new game Update is now available for War Wings, the hit mobile World War II Air Combat game currently available in Europe and coming to North America, UK, and Russia in early 2017. The Ace Pilot League, a brand new game mode, is the highlight of the Update’s numerous gameplay and feature enhancements.

With the Ace Pilot League mode, players will battle other real-world players with planes ranging from tier 3 to tier 6 over the course of 20 days. Unique league-exclusive rewards will be awarded to the top-ranking pilots in each tier.

Every participant in the Ace Pilots League is awarded Rank Points (RP) after each match victory. There are three main ranks in the league: Lieutenant, Major, and General. Each consists of multiple sub-ranks. The top 50 ranked players on the season leaderboard will earn a permanent Colonel General title.

Season prizes include coins and free Research Points, with players who achieve the highest ranks earning special edition aircraft. Lieutenant Generals will earn an exclusive plane, while Colonel Generals will receive an exclusive plane with a unique paint scheme.
About War Wings
War Wings is a free-to-play mobile title that features real-time 4v4 online aerial dogfighting action with stunning 3D graphics. The game simulates World War II air combat with a dedicated adherence to historical accuracy, technical detail, and real-life flight dynamics. Players acquire and upgrade authentic WWII-era warplanes as they compete against other pilots from around the world for PvP air supremacy!
War Wings is currently available for download for Android devices from Google Play in most European countries. An iOS version of the game is coming soon to the Apple App Store.
Visit the  War Wings Facebook page for more information about the game.

Check out the latest updates in this new War Wings trailer:

Additional Update Features
  • Quick Game Mode: In the Quick Game mode, players will be randomly matched in either Team Death Match or Base Defense battles.
  • Aircraft Classification System: Planes are now classified into five performance-based categories:
    • Energy Fighter: Excellent climbers and divers with superior speed
    • Turn Fighter: High maneuverability at low speeds
    • Attacker: Strong but slow; excellent ground attack ability
    • Heavy Fighter: High armor and firepower with low maneuverability
    • Interceptor: Strong attackers with low health and maneuverability
  • Top Aircraft Exchange Event: Players are now able to get experience vouchers by playing Quick Game and Ace Pilots League, with a 100% drop rate. These vouchers can be exchanged for the awesome Tier 7 Firefly and Tier 3 BountyHunter planes.
  • Improved Plane Attribute System: The grade system for plane attributes has been improved, making the performance differences between planes easier to discern.
  • Enhanced Mission System: The Mission System has been upgraded with more interesting and challenging mission types. Completing missions also now result in more lucrative rewards.
  • Team Invite Optimization: Team fight system has been optimized, now players can enjoy fighting enemies alongside their friends! After each match, the plane with most kills will be marked and it will be easier to identify the pilot and take a revenge in the next battle!
  • Optimized Battle Functions: New functions include sending simple orders to teammates, marking the MVP player, and post-match performance evaluations.


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