Play Upcoming Super Buckyball Tournament


Play Upcoming Super Buckyball Tournament

Pathea Games, developer of My Time at Portia which has sold more than 1 million copies, invites you to Super Buckyball Tournament. The cyberpunk 3v3 street sports game starring larger-than-life champions takes to the field today on PC via Steam for free while in open development.
Buckyball’s intense combination of soccer and basketball encourages taking every advantage possible. Futuristic body enhancements, superhuman abilities — all fair game. The only rules? Two teams of three go head-to-head and try to score as much as possible in six minutes.
Each hero comes with their own special abilities and supercharged ultimates. Lang, the newest addition to the roster, kicks chaotic tornadoes into existence. Pai’s a speedster with lightning coursing through his veins. Pink’s gravity glove gives her a high degree of ball control. The robotic R47 takes out the competition with a huge steel girder. Soon, two more new characters join the fray: the aquatic Eriel and junkyard battler Bubba.
How about checking out Super Buckyball Tournament to see if it would be a good fit for your audience? It is available free on Steam while in development!

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