PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

Without a doubt, ExoCorps is one of the speediest FPS’ I’ve played. Granted, I’m an FPS veteran, but not a great one when it gets to multiplayer. Shame then, as this is solely a multiplayer adventure without any campaign.

The debut from Gingerbread, the game was put back to ensure it was ready to be launched as an Early Access. Granted, there’s an expectation that there will be glitches with this kind of releases, but it was a smart choice to make sure it was up-to-speed – gamers are terrible critics.

PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

You could say that this would be a no issue for someone such as myself who sometimes plays deathmatch games unless local, but I was enthusiastic to make the exception as the theory is interesting, and that’s sort of how this review has to go.

ExoCorps Early Access Review

I don’t need to be shown how to hold a mouse or what W, A, S and D do, but going with the tutorial was the initial stop. This was my primary experience of just how quick ExoCorps is.

PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

Navigating an indoor play area, you’ll discover the controls of running back and forth, strafing and the like, but it was so blazingly fast, that it was unplayable. Not having a top-spec machine, I attempted to slow it down by upping the settings, but they were more or less maxed out already.

It was like playing Quake with all the video frames set to low to get the upper hand on other players. In this situation, ExoCorps was set to very high and still ran super quick. However, I wasn’t especially blown away with the textures of the Exosuit they appeared a bit flat.

That said, the gaming conditions are great. It could be argued that they’re on the more barren side without much going on, but you know what? This is the biggest selling point as this open-air environment promotes movement, without cheap sniping points or having to spend ages tracking people down.

While I wasn’t shocked by the character textures, the camouflage you can implement to your suit is awesome and genuinely works. Strafe about on the ground, lock on to an opponent and shoot for a few moments. Then shimmy on up next to some rocks and it’s genuinely complicated to be found.

PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

ExoCorps is very sleek in action with the settings on high on a comparatively low specced computer. On this basis, I assume that the game will be a massive hit in the rival leagues.

There are three modes in the game: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. While it possibly lacks any innovative characteristics, but what it does, it does very well.

ExoCorps an Early Access play, so there will be glitches. The only point I noticed at this time was the reliable quality. It didn’t glitch out as such, but some of the weaponry was very understated and seemed like I was firing a gun that required reloading. No doubt this will be smoothed out in future, but as the play is quite subtle in areas, it would be suitable to be blown away, wordplay unintended, with some nice music effects.

PREVIEW : ExoCorps (PC)

It’s a big ask, but I’d like to have seen a campaign as the Exosuit has so much potential, comparable to Crisis. But as stated, it does the job well and as a deathmatch-based title, highly recommended for fans of Counterstrike and similar.

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