Ranch Sim


Horses Update Out Today

Today marks the release of a new Ranch Simulator update, introducing a much-requested animal: the horse.

Players will now be able to bid for horses at an auction house. Horses have different stats: stamina, speed, handling, and health. The higher these stats, the more the horse is worth. These stats also affect the abilities of the horse, allowing it to run faster for a longer duration and even turn sharper.

The more players ride their horses, the more they get trained. Players can also build a training pad where they can perform successful jumps over jump gates.
20% DISCOUNTTo celebrate the updated release, we’re also offering a 20% discount on Steam.

Ranch Simulator launched in Early Access on PC in March and, as of time of writing, sits at an 89% positive recent review score. The game’s RRP is $24.99/£19.99/€20.99.

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