Mystery Adventure Retrace: Memories of Death launches this week


Mystery Adventure Retrace: Memories of Death launches this week

In case you missed our recent showcase, here’s a quick reminder that we are launching the 2D mystery adventure Retrace: Memories of Death for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this week.

Retrace: Memories of Death will be available digitally on February 24th for US$7.99/€7.99, with an additional 20% launch discount on select platforms.

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Explore an atmospheric realm of mystery that blends pixel art gameplay with hand-painted character portraits. Solve logic-based puzzles and overcome pulse-pounding action sequences, uncover secrets about the sinister parallel dimension and explore deep relationships with Freya’s companions. Will the terror of this experience bring the survivors closer together or tear them apart forever?

About Retrace: Memories of Death

When a ghost tour goes horribly wrong, Freya and her friends find themselves in a strange and unforgiving alternate world, one that desires their death. Take the role of Freya as she seeks a way out and discovers the ability to rewind time, giving her a chance to test new paths and make different decisions in a bid for their survival.


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