Revelation Online Showcases Unique Travel Methods


Global Publisher and developer NetEase are proud to highlight the Mounts and Wings in Revelation Online, showing how players can traverse the world of Nuanor. Not too long after players start their adventure, they will gain access to their first mount, where they can choose from one of three different colored horses. At level 29, players will gain access to their first set of wings, allowing them to fly seamlessly throughout the skies in Revelation Online. From there on, the choices expand further and players can acquire a wide variety of ground based and aerial mounts, some of which can transport other players or even a full group of adventurers. As players progress through the game, they can attain class exclusive mounts and even gain access to combat skills, which will allow for aerial battles and also target foes on the ground.

Founders Packs:
Discover the lands of Nuanor with any of the three packs: Explorer Pack, Founder Pack, and Deluxe Pack. Any of the three packs will give players exclusive rewards up to and including: two exclusive costumes and titles, a unique war horse, a set of wings, several months of Premium, and boost packs.
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Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place. Sign up for the beta:

To sign up for the Revelation Online Beta today, visit For more information, ‘Like‘ it on Facebook and follow the game’s development on Twitter @RevOnlineGame for all the latest developer updates and news.


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