REVIEW : Evil Dead: The Game (XBOX Series X)

REVIEW : Evil Dead: The Game (XBOX Series X)

REVIEW : Evil Dead: The Game (XBOX Series X)

Many games have attempted to increase the popularity of the 4in1 action genre, but only a few have succeeded. It is a genre that emerged gradually from the collaboration of four players, to whom the creators added a fifth player as an antagonist. Evolve was one of the first big games, attracting attention but eventually disappearing owing to a lack of content. Others attempted it as well, from which he primarily built Dead by Daylight and demonstrated how to approach the game in this genre. Evil Dead dares to offer anything comparable. He chose an engaging topic, provided an adequate treatment, and did not overlook single players.

REVIEW : Evil Dead: The Game (XBOX Series X)

If you recall, the Evil Dead film series began in 1981, known in our nation as Forest Ghost, with the first unit being more of a horror film, while the second in 1987 included fun parts and the third in 1992 finished it with more fantasy themes. The brand, however, did not end there; 20 years later, they attempted to “reboot” it in the style of the unit, and a TV series starring the original hero was developed in 2015. The hero, of course, is Bruce Campbell, who became an iconic character thanks to his use of a chainsaw instead of his hand.

The game transports you back to the dark woodlands where Evil Dead began, adds a pinch of the Necronicon, a dosage of demons, and through it, all allow a group of survivors with a role to flee, which drives the demon back to hell. It will not be easy, because you are up against an army of evil.

The game itself has a reasonably good offer; it includes training for both humans and demons, as well as a series of single-player missions, and in the main mode, you can pick whether to play pure 4in1 multiplayer or which side you want. You can also play four players vs AI, or you can play single against AI.

There are numerous options to pick from, and you can play on your own. Despite the lack of a large campaign, both the fight against AI and the missions can be confiscated. The missions are story-driven, and each one takes you around the world, assigns tasks, and, of course, introduces challenges in the shape of demons and even larger monsters. You must gather items, use them, and locate something. Furthermore, they narrate the story, albeit through static graphics. These are not fully fixed and will disrupt the game even while battling. These missions are more difficult than multiplayer since you play alone, with no support, and even though the mission lasts tens of minutes, you have to restart after death.

Multiplayer is the foundation here, and it is, of course, more elaborated. The difficulty is well-executed, whether you play against actual players or AI. To win, a group of survivors must accomplish a set of tasks. The chores never change, and you must always do the same thing to collect sections of the map, lost pages of the Necronicon, and the dagger so that you can eventually conduct the ritual at the prescribed location. If you can do it before the devil catches you, you will have won in less than half an hour.

REVIEW : Evil Dead: The Game (XBOX Series X)

The entire event is taking place on a large map, or there are two options at the time of release. Each is separated into many areas, each with its hamlet, camp, or factory. Because the maps are so huge, it is best to go between locations by automobile. On the other hand, despite their size, you will not get lost. The game will always advise you where to go to find the next vital item. You must then search the site for the desired item while also supplying the fighting. You gather guns, ammunition, food, and even matches. Matches are used in the game because one of the character’s parameters is dread, which can only be released by fire.

Fighting is possible with a variety of baseball bats, swords, and even a chainsaw, as well as from a distance with firearms. There are weapons, shotguns, rifles, and crossbows there. Everything is effective against adversaries, yet charging is typically slow and driving away is difficult. It is vital to retreat tactically and, preferably, to work as part of a team. Finally, the crew is there to help.

Before the game, you can select a character from one of four classes and one of four series of characters. There are multiple incarnations of Ash from different films, as well as other well-known characters such as Knight Lord Arthur, Ed, Cheryl, Annie, and Henry the Red, among others. There are a total of 13 characters, some of which are available right away and others that must be unlocked (for example, passing a mission). Each character has unique characteristics that you can eventually unlock, such as endurance, endurance, health, improved shooting, and so on. Even after tens of hours, there is still a lot to do.

Demons, on the other hand, have three classes to choose from, and there is always a series of demons with a specific concentration and particular possibilities. Their powers are even broader, focusing on the strength and endurance of their army soldiers. The possibility of skinning, and hence different suits of characters, rounds out the package.

The gameplay of demons differs from that of humans. You are an unseen demon commander with no physical form who can set traps and summon his army from the second dimension to fight. He can also temporarily take control of a character or one of the human players and wipe out his team. The constraint is the amount of energy you must acquire in the shape of a demon.

The game’s graphics are shockingly impressive. It is powered by the Unreal engine, which can depict darkness, firelight, but also the sun streaming through the treetops or lightning illuminating the forest during a storm. At the same time, the authors experimented with the environment’s design, both in terms of characters and demons. Brutality is also extremely well represented, thanks to the different special effects and the amount of blood. Skulls can be found in and around buildings, as well as bloody indications of the recent bloodshed.

Even though the maps may have been more different due to their small size, they could feel the atmosphere. Old cottages, country houses, beautifully planted grounds, and remarkably well-kept wildlife. You will also become acquainted with several buildings if you are a fan of the film series.

What is a little weaker are the controls that you must become accustomed to, particularly in battles where the lack of a lock – locking the enemy in melee combat – and the slow movement of the weapons sometimes generate confusion. This is especially true if all of the players and foes congregate in a small space. It can be difficult to identify who is who at times. In contrast, weapons are well-equipped and effective if enemies are kept at a safe distance. However, because you must charge, this is not always doable.

REVIEW : Evil Dead: The Game (XBOX Series X)

The graphics are also very effectively supported by a sound page that features spooky and dramatic music in the background, wonderfully completing the dread lurking everywhere. But, aided by Bruce Campbell and the announcements, he continues to make out. Not only he, but also the demons who entice you, mock you, or sing you rhymes. Overall, the Saber authors have created a surprisingly nice 4in1 game, which may have a bit longer battles and an overly vast area, but in terms of gameplay, there is no shortage of depth, an impressive atmosphere, or a single-player offer. Although simply a supplement, it can broaden the experience. It’s a shame that the game just has one game mode and two maps at first. It’s not much, especially if you plan on playing for tens of hours.

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