REVIEW : Final Fantasy X2 HD (VITA)


Final Fantasy X-2 HD packs some new features that weren’t featured on the original release for the game. This includes Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission which was only previously available in Japan. This is an extra mission that plays differently from the main game. It’s a fun alternative to play if you’ve managed to finish the main game. There is also different dresspheres you can obtain and also a new “Creature Creator”mode. Here, you can capture enemies and make them fight on your side,  as you set traps in the wild and train them to fight kind of like pokemon . It’s a unique feature that adds to the overall replayability of the game.

Final Fantasy X -2 mission structure isn’t like a traditional JRPG where you have to travel long distances to visit towns and face millions of bad guys along the way. In this game, you have access to an airship straight away and every location is available to visit from the get-go. Apart from completing the main mission, you could choose to play several side-missions as well during the five chapters that are in this game. The side-missions themselves are diverse and very entertaining in their own right. Not to mention completing them will make you get some bonuses.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD  retains the original music soundtrack. If you loved the soundtrack in Final Fantasy X-2, it is here in its original form. The soundtrack is amazingly put together and one to remember.

In terms of gameplay, Final Fantasy X-2 adopts the “active time battle” system. Battles have a faster pace than the traditional turn-based system seen in Final Fantasy X HD. Also, the dressphere system allows you to make the characters change into a different class type during battle. Yuna is a “Gunner’ by default, but can be changed to white mage to heal others.

With Final Fantasy X-2 HD, the cutscenes have been upscaled to HD and they still look as lovely as ever on the PS Vita screen. Top marks on graphics front for this HD remaster. In terms of in-game graphics, Final Fantasy X-2 HD is stunning. The level design in this game are downright beautiful in HD and are a sight to see. I still think that the levels in both Final Fantasy X and X-2 are the best looking locations I have ever seen in a video game. Just walking through the peaceful island of Besaid is breathtaking . Besaid isn’t the only visually stunning place to see as there are a lot more locations, each equally stunning and breathtaking.

If there’s anything bad to say about this re-release, there are a few niggles. The character models look great, but they tend to seem emotionless. I have not played the original, so don’t know if characters were emotionless there too. The game is cross save but not cross buy with ps3 version just like Final Fantasy X HD, so you have to shell out extra money.

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review-final-fantasy-x2-hd-vitaFinal Fantasy X-2 HD is one of the best HD remakes ever made for vita. It features new additions that never made their way outside of Japan and the visual upgrades that have been done is more than just an upscaled PS2 conversion. One advantage of the PS Vita version is that you can play the game anywhere at any time, so you can level up anywhere. All in all, this is a great game that shouldn't be ignored because of its different style over Final Fantasy X HD . HGunified recommends Final Fantasy X 2 HD to every VITA owner to experience amazing story coupled with beautiful soundtrack packaged in this HD remaster.


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