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REVIEW : Flewfie’s Adventure (PC)

REVIEW : Flewfie's Adventure (PC)

REVIEW : Flewfie’s Adventure (PC)

Cutemellow’s universe is a vibrant place populated with cute, big-eyed animals. A Snail Scientist is working on a top-secret experiment in the form of a UFO-like spaceship within this realm of cuddles and fluff. Unfortunately, while everyone in this world is attractive and smiles, that does not imply it is without its evil. Uzzu, an enraged cat, breaks into the laboratory, steals the experiment, and invades Cutemellow with his army of evil (but still charming) henchmen.

REVIEW : Flewfie’s Adventure (PC)

So it’s up to Flewfie to retrieve another UFO and save the day by fighting well adorable against bad cute. The tale is told in simple comic-style panels and is simple enough for gamers of all ages to understand. The plot is predictable, like in a good children’s book, but it gets the job done. You have exceptional resistance to the game’s mesmerizing capabilities if you get through this Adventure without expressing “awe” at some time.

Jumping into a UFO-style spaceship and exploring numerous levels, killing adversaries, searching for collectables, and solving basic puzzles are at the heart of the game. The controls are quite simple to learn and use.

REVIEW : Flewfie’s Adventure (PC)

The left stick is used to move, while the right stick is used to shoot. You may also use your UFO beam to carry shaped bricks for puzzles and suck up hearts to replenish health by pressing a button. You’ll occasionally exit your spaceship to flip a switch or do some light platforming. The time spent in the air, on the other hand, is far more entertaining.

You can collect experience and level up your attack and defence by destroying a large number of adversaries. Within each level, though, you can locate coins and a secret fluffy animal.

Finding all of them unlocks a chest that may contain UFO parts, which can improve your stats and change the appearance of your ship. If you enjoy cosmetics, you’ll be thrilled to see that you may gather clothing for your cat and dress them up in a variety of charming designs.

With a second player, the full game can be shared and experienced. However, you’re both glued to the same screen. The lack of a dynamic split-screen, which would allow you to explore the levels individually, looks like a squandered opportunity. Nonetheless, this appears to be a fantastic game to play with a child or a casual gamer.

The concept is simple in general, and exploring the levels is enjoyable. However, my primary gripe is that as the game progresses, adversaries and monsters become meat shields. For those unfamiliar with the word, it refers to adversaries that require a ridiculous amount of fire to defeat, making the shooting slow and tiresome at times.

REVIEW : Flewfie’s Adventure (PC)

The only way to solve this is to lower the difficulty you must determine before you begin your game because you can’t modify it once you’ve started it, which seems dumb. Rather than making them difficult to kill, it would have made more sense to focus on dodging opponent projectiles and having less health.

But flying around in UFOs isn’t the only thing going on. This is the main gameplay aspect. However, the game also includes a card mini-game to play with NPCs in between levels. It is a simple concept of selecting character cards with numbers and placing them in the appropriate locations to flip the opponents’ cards. It’d be right at home in a jRPG, and it’s odd to see such a mechanism in a space shooter.

If you lose in this card game, your opponent will take a card from your deck. Not only did this bring back dreadful memories of Final Fantasy 8, but because I didn’t connect with the game, I abandoned it and moved on. Take the time to master this card game if you want to see everything there is to see in this game.

The graphics in this game are cute, as you can see from the screenshots. Yes, even the enemy has a charming fluffy air to them. In some ways, shooting at them made me feel horrible, but I guess that only shows that evil can take many forms.

REVIEW : Flewfie’s Adventure (PC)

Because the spirits are 2D, like paper, you can see their flat outline when they shift directions. It reminds me of Paper Mario games. This game has an excellent soundtrack. Cosmic beats that fit the scenario and have a slight arcade flavour to them.

Flewfie’s Adventure is an adorable game that also happens to be a really good moderate space shooter. The levels are enjoyable to explore, and the riddles blend in well with the shooting action. As the game progresses, the shooting becomes a little gritty and dull, and the allure of playing on a higher difficulty setting fades.

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