REVIEW : Harmony’s Odyssey (PC)

REVIEW : Harmony's Odyssey (PC)

How many of us have ever put together a puzzle? Looking for the proper components in the right joints to “organise” an image logically? Harmony’s Odyssey is all of this but in the form of an instructional video game (or “end game” in the jargon). A young independent development studio called MythicOwl from Poland has set itself a goal. Create intelligent and educational video games that stimulate players’ minds.

The general idea of this little and amazing 3D puzzle game immediately captivated us. We jumped in, obviously fascinated, and discovered something fresh and exciting. Will it usher in a new era of puzzle games? Check out our review of Harmony’s Odyssey for PC to find out. We’d like to remind you that Neverland Entertainment’s game is also available on Switch. Have fun reading.


REVIEW : Harmony’s Odyssey (PC)

Harmony, our cheerful protagonist, is engaged with home tasks in her garden on an average day. Meanwhile, our black cat “watches” our house from the inside, napping and uninterested. However, a little entity infiltrates our home and alters the cat. This, frustrated, will hurl himself on her mistress’s unattended magic wand, rattling it and thus combining reality with the sound of spells.

Our voyage on Harmony’s Odyssey will begin here. In actuality, the humorous protagonist’s admonitions will not suffice to soothe the cat. Who, with his wand in his teeth, will flee in all directions, irritating his neighbours and causing panic. Harmony will have to cure (and sometimes cause) an escalation of magical delusions before putting everything back in its place with the sound of magic. We will be the magic, and we will have to bring order and rationale to each “scene.”

Harmony’s Odyssey’s stages will be separated into little three-dimensional scenarios, progressing from altering single moments to “assembling” buildings or structures, and finally organising entire neighbourhoods. Much like a puzzle board. In the meantime, we shall only meet mythological monsters “of our times” here. Cerberus barbecuing, mermaids in the pool, Nordic gods bored, and so on and so on.

To further express the concept of 3D puzzles, we shall utilise the term diorama, which refers to little isolated three-dimensional scenes. Models in glass cabinets, for example. Animated and rich in features that must be carefully noticed while rotating the game camera. Each box, if carefully inspected, will reveal hints to be fitted with the others. The more attentive, on the other hand, will recall what they witnessed throughout the extremely entertaining game footage. In that case, congratulations on your memory!

REVIEW : Harmony’s Odyssey (PC)


The commands offered in Harmony’s Odyssey will be straightforward. In actuality, a single click will be sufficient to select a box, which will then be exchanged with the second box selected on the “table.” We will notice a very useful visual effect once a piece is in position. We will be able to transfer numerous blocks as a whole, carrying full portions without needing to mix everything again once two pieces have been united. A terrific way to get out of a bind.

But not only puzzles! As we follow Harmony and her cat, we will come across mini-games where we will have control over basic directional movements.

Small options to break the beat include puzzles reminiscent of the glory days of Pac-man, Snake, identify the differences and other mini-games. However, they were all tied to the game’s events. It will also be possible to select from a variety of magical wands, each with its helpful purpose in completing the problems.

Harmony’s Odyssey goes beyond the concept of puzzles as we know them. Each of the seven diverse biomes will provide constant novelty. Dioramas, for example, will go from flat to vertical, then add more dimensions, even erecting many storeys on top of each other. The title of MythicOwl, with its creative inventiveness, will compel us to continue both for the curiosity of the new levels and the pure and simple taste of completion.

REVIEW : Harmony’s Odyssey (PC)

If the hundreds of levels in the regular campaign aren’t enough, you can always try your luck in the arcade mode.

All bonus levels with varying difficulties and obstacles to solve may be found here, as well as new puzzle mini-games that are both enjoyable and ingenious. By finishing the levels, we will also earn stars, which we can use to purchase more wands, levels, and bonus stuff in the shop. Excellent in terms of content.


Another advantage of Harmony’s Odyssey is the ability to share each level with a friend, both in co-op and versus, both locally and via Steam’s Remote Play Together capability. Given the recent events, this is not a minor consideration. We appreciate the developers’ decision to consider everyone. What about the graphic and audio industries instead? Phantasmagoric. We’ve returned to the days of the PlayStation 1 when simplicity was all that was required to make a game memorable.

We also liked the subtle cell-shading used on the character models, which appear to be from a miniature board game. Furthermore, the “manga” style adds a unique and delicate touch to everything, enlivening each level and film with a funny and offbeat harmony. Finally, the vibrant world of Harmony is supported by a mix of old and current music. It’s like a cross between Crash Bandicoot and A Hat in Time. Fabulous.

REVIEW : Harmony’s Odyssey (PC)

We have not encountered any technical problems with Harmony’s Odyssey. If we had to nitpick, we’d say that the camera in the larger dioramas limited us slightly. This will be rotated in three dimensions and moved horizontally, but only with a certain amount of zoom. Furthermore, to spin the diorama, we must click outside, “into the void,” and the magnification will not always be instant. In any case, nothing detracts from the gaming experience. Harmony’s journey has impacted and inspired us. A game that not only introduces a new and unique form of puzzle game to the market but also allows us to share (or challenge) it with a buddy. We can only praise the people from the independent studio MythicOwl if we think we’re both playing and strengthening our cognitive talents.

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