REVIEW : Murdered Soul Suspect (STEAM)


At present there are very few adventure games that give low emphases on the combat gaming, giving importance to the story-line. “Murdered: Soul Suspect” is among those games, the title suitably justifies the story of the game. If you love to play point and click adventure game then you will ultimately going to like this one.

In “Murdered: Soul Suspect”, we play as a detective from Salem, Massachusetts named Ronan O’Connor. He dies because of 7 shots to the chest and a fall from a multi-storey building. But his soul stays due to his unfinished business of finding his murderer “The Mysterious Bell Killer”. There is a perfect equilibrium of investigation and exploration in the game as his police officer skills and ghostly abilities are combined together to solve his own murder case.

At first, Ronan was merely able to move through some of the walls, gradually he learns  how to read minds, possess living things, reveal the hidden objects from the days gone by and teleport from one place to another. These quickly learned skills helps in navigating through all of the Salem and picking up relevant clues pretty easy and fun.

Investigations are the main attraction of “Murdered: Soul Suspect”, although they are few in numbers. When Ronan encounters a crime scene, like his own murder site or an apartment where a brutal attack took place, he can go through all his surroundings for the clues.

At times, finding a clue is just an inspection of objects but the interesting ones come in the form of simple puzzles. At crime scenes, being a spirit Ronan can easily trace the emotions and the important ones lead to the clues for further investigation.

One of the simple puzzle is to pick out the most relevant information from a lot, control the cop in order to move the irrelevant things covering the relevant ones and figuring out the probable order of the events. If you are thinking that puzzles are brain teasers then you are wrong. Puzzles just need a logical mind and critical thinking is required for the solution, as a matter of fact this is fair enough for a detective game.

In the game, players explore Salem most of the time, can visit the past as and when needed by you and roam around the city’s hub-areas. Before the end of the game you will visit a number of adventurous places like mental institution, cemetery, police station and many more.

Exploration during the game is a real fun as you can have a lot of optional collectibles to reveal more mysteries to solve. But these diversions are pointless as solving the case of drowned woman and learning about other victims of Bell Killer, do not enhance the gameplay experience or provides any new skill to Ronan (but these cases have their own fun in solving).

Ronan, a smoker detective from Salem is chasing the Bell Killer, a masked murderer who kills his victims in grisly ways. When Ronan encounters Bell Killer, he dies and finds out that he still has a chance to reunite with his beloved wife, Julia. But before this joyous moment he needs to solve his own murder case and unmask the serial killer behind a number of murders and all this is to be done as a ghost.

“Murdered: Soul Suspect” doesn’t have a long lasting story, but it had a focused story to revive the point and click adventure game’s fun. Except some diverting collectibles there is not much of things that stand between the Ronan and his case.

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The overall outlook of the "Murdered: Soul Suspect" is not much appealing but some of the visual effects are quite good and eye catching. This is not a long combat game but a simple point and click game with a relatively nice


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