REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

We have finally completed our RiMS Racing review, simulation title on two wheels signed by RaceWard Studio. This is the first project of this Italian development team, which wants us to experience the passion for motorcycles at 360 degrees. In addition to having created a driving model and a realistic physics engine, the developers have also taken care of the personalization and modification part of our racing cars in the smallest details. As a result, riMS Racing brings a good degree of immersion even when we are in the pits or in our development centre, where in addition to having to carry out the task as a driver, we will have to take on the role of the engineer and mechanic of the team. It is a real treat for those who like to disassemble and reassemble every tiny component of their bike and then experiment with the changes made on the track by pushing with the gas with a hammer.

REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

After several hours of gameplay in which we tried the riding model, thoroughly experimented with the customization system of the bikes, and examined every game mode present, we are ready to tell you everything about the new simulation game from RaceWard Studio.

Inside RiMS Racing, motorcycle enthusiasts will undoubtedly find something for their teeth. Although the developers have preferred to recreate only eight models of motorcycles within their software among those of the most popular manufacturers, their level of fidelity is absolute to be rewarded.

REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

The main mode of RiMS Racing is undoubtedly the Career. We will have to face the challenges on the track, modify the bike with new components, and manage the engineers’ research, development, and management. First of all, we will be called to create our alter ego, customizing only his clothing without changing his physical appearance. The high amount of customization elements made us overcome the absence of a facial editor for our protagonist because he will always wear a helmet anyway.

REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

Once we enter the central hub of the Career mode, we will have access to about seventy events, including races, timed challenges, duels, private tests, events related to certain brands and cups. Each of them will earn us the in-game currency to buy new components and motorcycles to improve our performance.

Then we have the Academy section with different challenges and objectives unlocked once completed in the Career mode. We can then re-face these events to push ourselves further and improve our lap times by accessing the Academy. Among the events of the Academy, we will be shown some elements of the game. However, we would have preferred to have a more exhaustive Tutorial mode to understand better all the various game mechanics, use of components, etc.

Finally, the developers of RaceWard Studio have also created a Multiplayer mode very similar to the Single Race, where you can challenge other players with the same customization options offered in offline modes. The split-screen is also an element now rare even in games of this genre, absolutely appreciated for those who want to challenge some friends locally on the same screen.

REVIEW : RiMS Racing (PS5)

The driving model offered by RiMS Racing brings a solid level of simulation. Getting into the saddle, holding the accelerator, and pushing our bikes to the maximum gives excellent sensations, especially when familiar with the control system.

There are, however, three difficulties levels with respective driving aids to accompany the gamer to learn the proper control of the bike. We appreciated the good learning curve available in RiMS Racing. Starting with the aids activated, we understood how to tackle the acceleration exits, the braking and set up the bike at the entrance of the curves. The bike responds realistically to our commands, so much so that you can feel the stiffness of the suspension under braking or the loss of the rear when we press the accelerator trigger on the pad. However, these mechanical operations can get boring in the long run because they will soon become very repetitive. Fortunately, in the pits, we will be able to delegate this task to our mechanics once hired in the team to carry out the pit stops as quickly as possible. By installing new components on the bike and testing them on the track, you can easily see improvements. Once disassembled, however, the components can also be resold to recover part of the credits invested based on their degree of wear. Finding the right set of components and bike setup will be hard work, given the many options available.

Finally to the technical sector is managed entirely by the graphics engine KT Engine Nacon. The latter is the same used in the popular WRC rally series, slightly adapted to this simulation focusing more on official tracks and tracks. Unfortunately, the graphics engine fails to make us perceive the sensation of speedwell with various effects such as motion blur.

On the other hand, the audio sector is excellent, both in the sound effects and in the soundtrack specially created for the title. The sound of the bikes is very realistic and changes depending on the camera used in the game, offering us a good degree of realism from this point of view. Hearing a different sound of the bike by changing the exhaust or other components is undoubtedly satisfying and offers a greater opportunity to customize your available vehicles.

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review-rims-racing-ps5RiMS Racing is a full-fledged driving simulation with relative difficulties related to the learning curve, the driving model, and the physics engine. If you add to this the boundless changes to the setups, the complexity of the title increases dramatically. Motorcycle enthusiasts will appreciate the RaceWard Studio title mainly for two aspects: the driving model with an excellent degree of simulation and the extreme customization offered by installing the components on two-wheeled racing cars. Those who want a lighter, more arcade experience might need to look elsewhere. RiMS Racing represents only a starting point for this first project of the development team.


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