REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

Ultimate Fishing started without taking big financial risks, since it used the goodwill of its future users, with a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2017. Then, after another period of early access continuing to fuel it financially, it finally comes out at the end of the summer in the final version. Multiple patches and constant monitoring of user feedback has led us today to be able to give a final opinion to this fishing simulation on PC. A platform that confirms a success leading gold and already to consider a release on all current consoles, both boxed and downloads for the beginning of 2018. The hook has been cast and many players have responded. Let’s see why.

REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

Beautiful like a silver trout

What contrasts first of all with other fishing games is the very good graphic first impression. Seven environments are offered with the basic version of Ultimate Fishing. They are all very successful with a special mention of course for the aquatic rendering. The lapping of the waves are very realistic, the wind and the rain come to give life to this decoration sometimes abused by a small breeze. We move in the game as in an FPS to choose its fishing spot.

REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

The fish is varied with several dozen species to be caught in various ways. Once again, a photo-realistic rendering is offered, even with a mid-range configuration. We’re not on an animation that has to stay at 60fps with explosions and movements in all directions, so obviously, that helps. There is also some variety with winter versions of some cards. We then change the atmosphere and even the fishing technique when it comes to breaking the ice of the lakes.

No frying on the radio

So we have a good time in contemplative mode and especially with excellent music. One of the original features of the game consists in offering a whole series of radio stations hosted by users themselves throughout the world. So you can cast your lines to good old redneck country music as well as techno. Generally speaking, the fishing sessions are relaxing.

This will be the opportunity to start the conversation with your friends on the shores. Ultimate Fishing Simulator is by default played online (you can perfectly play solo too). Around the lake are different silhouettes that represent the avatars of other fishermen. Chat becomes a great way to take advantage of the advice of others to progress and understand the intricacies of the game and all the fishing equipment available. No problem if you are not particularly multilingual, you can choose to favour your native language. Especially since some techniques are not very well explained with online help. No doubt the fault of a translation from Polish which could still be improved (Big Golem Games being a Polish studio).

REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

That said, apart from fishing techniques and equipment which will be the main difficulties to tame (despite a fairly complete passive help), the principles of the game are easily understandable. When a fish is caught, you have the choice of selling it to inflate your wallet or releasing it to privilege the experience. This rather pleasant method asks you to choose between improving your equipment, which requires certain investments and increasing your skill level, which opens up new fishing sites.

Carp at the control

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is much more enjoyable to play using a keyboard. It will therefore be interesting to see how all the orders will be ported to consoles. As it stands, the mouse/keyboard combination is very practical for managing multiple lines, even if we would have liked to be able to assign more shortcuts to certain functions (the simultaneous management of several rods for example).

On the other hand, the fishing sensations themselves will be much better at the pad. The analogue management of the triggers of an Xbox controller, for example, makes it possible to manage the speed of the reel much better after prey has been hooked. The vibrations also add important indications on the state of tension of the line to avoid breaking it. It is playable on the keyboard, but less ” sensational “. The game assumes both simulation and arcade side with two modes of realism. Regardless of the player’s choice, it’s pretty cool, especially with the underwater view which avoids boredom by allowing you to observe what is happening below the surface. Inset is always a zoom on the position of the stopper to the shoe at the right time. The system is efficient and pleasant, the preys bite randomly, neither too often nor too far apart.

REVIEW : Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

The game’s small flaws are generally forgivable, especially since it is offered at a fairly low price, even outside sales periods. To extend the experience, you can turn to the DLC which will regularly arrive at a quarter of the price of the game. The first which concerns Canadian fishing spots are already available. It is planned to release one per quarter, up to the player to assess whether the game is worth the candle. It is dispensable if you are not a huge fan of the discipline.

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