REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

Today, I’m going to talk you through the game Wait! Life is Beautiful!

However, if you have any adverse feelings as you read through this piece or know anyone suffering from harmful thoughts, please, don’t hesitate to get help.

REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

The Challenge of Staying Positive

Finding a goal in life is something that many of us strive with. We connect ourselves to other people and fill our lives with fun to keep us entertained, but many characters don’t know what it is they’re deemed to do. It’s that sort of thing that can leave numerous of us feeling lost.

REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

Wait! Life is Beautiful! is a title that prompts people to pay consideration to the world and people around them. The hero in the game sits waiting on Suicide Bridge in the belief that they can prevent sufferers from throwing their lives away.

This game is intended to be engaging, so it’s not all doom and gloom. However, there is a disclaimer at the beginning warning you to get help if you have any suicidal thoughts. I’m going to append my disclaimer to that and say, expect this play to leave you feeling a little bleak.

REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

Your character is an ordinary person, tired with life, and looking for an answer. The action of the game spins around a regular conversation with people who are clearly down on their luck.

The concept of mental health problems, sadness, and even suicide are some pretty huge issues to cover. I can see some people appreciating the challenge and intensity of these games, while others just find it upsetting.

Your character in this play is to start a negotiation with every person you meet with the line, “Wait! Life is Beautiful”. The characters you face will reply, telling you their queries, or explaining why they don’t want to be around. It’s up to you to say the right thing to persuade whoever you talk to that life is deserving another shot.

The characters you speak to aren’t exactly the most reliable listeners. The developer has put some of their own struggles with depression and other issues into the characters. Some people simply don’t want to be saved, and they’re so quick to jump that there’s nothing you can do.

So, why bother?

An Interesting Approach to a Difficult Topic

Wait! Life is Beautiful! isn’t a sport that you play to rack up victories and points. It’s a comment on society and people in general. This complex experience wants to reveal the reality of the people suffering around you.

If the developers can fix a few basic problems, like the somewhat glitchy graphics and poor-quality writing in places, you’ve got a really impressive visual novel. The nostalgic graphics reminded me a lot of Party Hard, which is a very different kind of game.

The actual gameplay is interesting. The developer has a lot of points to make in this title. The complexity of the dialogue choices shows how hard it can be to say the best thing to talk someone off the edge. The heterogeneity of the characters, and the difficulties they face show us how nearly anything can push someone to do something extreme.

If you ask me, I think the developer could have taken a slightly gentler approach with the learning curve. Most people run after a single sentence, and you can’t go back and retry anything. If you’re just thinking out how to play for the initial time, you might spend so many NPCs that you can’t see the point of going back in.

The exciting music in the background is a gentle touch and an insight into the thoughts and feelings of the developer. Despite very easy graphics, it’s clear that the firm doesn’t want to undermine mental health problems or suicidal feelings here.

There’s something about this game that’s compelling, but it’s not a fun experience. Every time the screen turns to static as someone hurls themselves over the edge, you feel a falling sensation in your chest. Even though some of the characters you encounter aren’t simple to resonate with, it’s difficult to stop your mind from boiling.

REVIEW : Wait! Life is beautiful! (PC)

A Game for Self-Reflection

Without a doubt, there will be some people who get triggered by this game. It’s dark, painful, and incredibly introspective. Just because the art style is easy and pixelated, it doesn’t imply that the themes of the game aren’t exceptionally deep.

It takes a while before you can get to the point of saving people. However, with every line of conversation you deliver, you sense the true power of your words. The screen rolls and the song deepen as you talk. The developer wants us all to see just how important our words can be.



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