REVIEW : The Wolf Among Us (STEAM)


The main plot of this game revolves around a wolf named Bigby where he falls into the tradition of beaten down noir investigator. It revolves around the interactions of Snow and Bigby and Colin and Bigby which are entertaining and interesting. Bigby is a reactionary character not a proactive one. This game offers a steady stream of interesting and fascinating characters which binds the player to the game.

The game is being centred in the era of New city when the grunge, dirt and sleaze of 70s collided with neon glasses of 80s. Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown who has been called in to stop a domestic complaint. Following the ground of The Little Red Riding Hood, there is a woods man who is beating a woman. The woman named Faith has been found dead later that night on the front stoop of a Fabletown apartment building. Seeing the crime scene one can judge that this is a murder and it is a work of a serial criminal despite Faith being the first victim. Bigby is a part of ruling class who not only serves as the enforcer but also keeper of the secret fairy tale of each and every person.

Not only is an excellent mysterious plot, but comic art style and voice acting perfect in this game. Seeing the characters speak (which all of us have been dreaming about since childhood) gives immense pleasure to the player binding him / her to the game. This gives more realistic feeling to the character creating enthusiasm in the player.

To let the player know what is really going on in the same, this game has posters on the walls, familiar names on the plates mounted by elevator in the Fabletown apartments.

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review-wolf-among-us-steamThis game has a well worn structure which despite of having mystery as the main focus also has a believable drama and thematic resonance and TellTale has continued with the high watermark of decent writing and well woven stories.


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