Rustler | Coming soon to consoles!


Experience medieval thug life in Rustler – coming to consoles!

In Rustler you’ll play as anti-hero Guy, a brigand determined to win The Grand Tournament for the ultimate prize of the princess’ hand in marriage, no matter the cost. With the help of his ally Buddy, steal horses, rob peasants, commit the occasional murder, and perform other medieval shenanigans to win over the kingdom… or tear it down!

Wreak havoc in top-down, old-school combat

Use swords, spears, turds, and crossbows. Want to get more efficient? Try holy hand grenades or… horses. Nothing’s more deadly than hooves galloping in your direction. Or drifting a cart.

Screw everyone over to win half the kingdom

As a poor peasant, you really need to get creative in order to win the Grand Tournament™. Form weird alliances, double-cross your foes, and dig up dinosaur skeletons in a light, easy-to-understand, and hard-to-empathize-with story.

Hire bards to aid you musically in battle

A bard can be your sweaty personal radio. Not only will he not leave your side, even in the midst of the bloodiest of conflicts, he will also change the song’s dynamic depending on the action on-screen. Moreover, you can express a desire to change the tune by punching him in the face.

A lot of horsin’ around

Shoot cows into the sky, dress up as a guard or even Death himself, burn entire piles of weed, draw fancy shapes with a plowing cart, survive a full-on guard onslaught after killing half the city… And that’s only a few of the many crazy things you can do in Rustler.

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