Serious Fun Football goes Early Access on 14 July 2022!


Serious Fun Football goes Early Access on 14 July 2022!

Hi and welcome on the pitch, Warsaw, Poland‚ –June 30, 2022– Indie development studio KW-SFF is releasing their game in Early Access. Serious Fun Football is a football game with real ball physics and realistic feeling of movements and kicking. Never before has any independent game developer made a game like this.                  Since our last communication and releasing a free demo on 28.04.2022 the game has been improved a lot. The most obvious things are: slightly changed proportions of the characters, smaller ball, and wider pitch. All to give players a more realistic gameplay experience. For more details refer to the devlog on Steam. All gameplay changes are included in the available Demo and pre-release build.
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  • Online, offline, co-op modes              
  • Career and friendly matches                
  • 3 vs 3 gameplay                
  • Solo Mode where you control just one character available in Early Access
  • Team Mode available in the future in Full Release.                   
  • Buy new players on the market or develop attributes of your solo footballer
  • Buy new outfits, unlock stadiums, customize the appearance

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