Severed Steel – acrobatic FPS brings stylish gunplay to PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year


Fluid stunt system, no weapon reloads, destructible voxel environments, and a unique one-armed protagonist

Indie publisher Digerati and developer Greylock Studio are delighted to announce Severed Steel for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is scheduled to launch Q3 2021.

A single-player FPS, Severed Steel casts players in the role of Steel. After losing an arm in an accident, Steel is abandoned – like many before her – by nefarious mega-corporation, EdenSys. In the name of all those crushed under the boot of her former paymaster, Steel sets her sights on revenge.

Inspired by games such as Black, Mirror’s Edge, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life mod ‘The Specialists’, Severed Steel focuses on nimble, acrobatic combat and features a fluid stunt system. Steel can wall run, dive, slide, and flip around the destructible environments that comprise EdenSys’ Arctic superstructure.

Steel’s residual limb means she can’t reload weapons. When a gun is out of ammo, she must find a replacement, which often means stealing a weapon straight from the hands of an enemy. During the campaign, Steel is fitted with a permanent secondary weapon – an arm cannon capable of blowing holes in pretty much anything that gets in its way.

Awarded an Epic MegaGrant, Severed Steel is the debut game from Greylock Studio, aka Matt Larrabee. A seasoned hobbyist programmer and modder, and former middle-school computer science teacher, Larrabee taught himself C++. After gaining invaluable experience with the open Morrowind Engine, he moved onto Unreal Engine 4 and began work on Severed Steel in 2019.

“I’ve always loved shooters and felt my skills as a game developer were ready for a new challenge,” says Larrabee. “The core concept of an acrobatic shooter in a destructible voxel environment has persisted from the start. The intensity of the action and gameplay has increased over time thanks to feedback from testers – they have reacted positively to amplifying the combat and trimming out anything that stands in the way of that.”

“I want Severed Steel to give players a feeling of entering a flow state in a chaotic environment. I want them to find themselves diving through the air, only a couple rounds left in their magazine, with bullets whizzing by, rockets tearing up the environment, but they feel if they stay sharp they can come out on top.”
Severed Steel is a single-player FPS featuring a fluid stunt system, destructible voxel environments, loads of bullet time, and a unique one-armed protagonist. It’s you, your trigger finger, and a steel-toed boot against a superstructure full of bad guys. Chain together wall runs, dives, flips, and slides to take every last enemy down.

Key features

  • A unique fighter: Play as Steel, a nimble, one-armed sharpshooter on a mission. There is no reloading – pick your shots well and be ready to pry a loaded weapon from your enemies’ cold dead hands
  • Stylish combat: Dodge bullets, leap off walls, slide kick, throw weapons – do whatever it takes to come out on top in intense and frenzied firefights
  • Fully destructible environment: Pepper through plaster with sharp 4.7 mm rounds, punch through thick concrete with .50 cal slugs, or make big holes in things with your arm cannon
  • Dynamic AI: No two battles are the same thanks to dynamic, unscripted, squad-based AI

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