New DUBIUM Gameplay Trailer Announces Participation in Upcoming Steam Next Fest


Watch your back and trust no one as you play the demo for this next-level social deduction game

After taking some time to hyperfocus on DUBIUM‘s development following the first beta test last year, MUMO Studio is excited to provide a look at where DUBIUM is at now with a brand new gameplay trailer! In this trailer, you’ll get a look at each character’s sneak attacks and gadget abilities, as well as the general gameplay loop you can expect in a match. Watch the trailer—and your back!—below:

Those who are eager to play DUBIUM won’t need to wait much longer, though! Following a successful attendance at gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, MUMO Studio is busy preparing an exciting demo that will be available during the upcoming Steam Next Fest between October 3rd and 10th. Make sure to add this next-level social deduction game to your wishlist and mark the event on your calendar!And last but not least, MUMO Studio is doing a giveaway full of top-of-the-line Elgato hardware to celebrate DUBIUM’s participation in Steam Next Fest and show appreciation to content creators. The giveaway starts today and runs through to October 10th. Find more details and enter to win here.
DUBIUM is a 5-player social deduction game set in a near-future sci-fi universe. Players take on the role of Frontier or Traitor and must escape from an abandoned space station by any means necessary. Frontiers will cooperate to repair solar panels that power the escape pod while trying to uncover the identity of the sole Traitor. Players must not relax until they escape; the Traitor will sabotage the Frontiers’ efforts at every step as they try to complete their own mission. The Traitor needs to hide their identity and use deceit and treachery to take the Frontiers out one by one in order to escape the station unopposed. Everyone wants to get out alive. Trust no one.
Key Features:

Survive In Space – An explosion from an undisclosed experiment has damaged the space station and it is now a restricted area filled with danger. You must restore life support systems, collect oxygen canisters to breathe, repair solar power generators as quickly as possible, and escape before the space station explodes.

You are a Frontier – Your mission is to search the space station and retrieve all the Cores left over from the explosion. During your expedition, you’ll come across valuable Keystones. Don’t forget to collect them, as they have great value and can make you rich! 

You are a Traitor As a Traitor, you secretly work for the nefarious competitor company, Blamane, on a mission to collect 10 Keystones and escape before the Frontiers notice you aren’t on their side. The other players are nothing more than mere tools for the success of your mission. Act like an innocent Frontier to gain their trust, then approach them at the right moment to take them down and steal their precious Keystones. Be stealthy or bold – the choice is yours.

Escape from the Space Station – Dying means you get to keep nothing. You must come out alive with Keystones to become rich. In the best-case scenario, you may collaborate on the mission and escape as a team. However, a solo escape is always an option when things are looking grim… Your own survival is the top priority after all.

Trust No One – One of you is bound to be the Traitor. Even after the Traitor dies, there’s always a chance of a fellow Frontier being bought over by Blamane and becoming the new Traitor. Watch your back and trust no one.

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