69 with Dick and Kitty! 4 titles on Steam Summer Sale


Dick Wilde and Kittypocalypse series reduced 69% for Steam Summer Sale

From June 24th to July 8th, Bolverk Games has a developer sale, with all Steam titles reduced by 69%.

This year’s always popular Steam Summer Sale includes Dick Wilde and the two versions of Kittypocalypse.

  • Dick Wilde 1 & 2 (VR) A wave shooting redneck fights his way through the swamps. 
  • Kittypocalypse (VR) Defend the World from malicious aliens disguised as cute kittens.
  • Kittypocalypse (PC) Same. But ungoggled! 

Gut the glades!
Dick Wilde is a purist first-person wave shooter, designed to be just that and nothing else. Reigning in swamplands, Dick relies on reflexes, a cool head, and increasingly advanced weaponry. Consider getting in on the 69% Dick action with a friend, and challenge each other in multiplayer (DW2 only).

King of Kitties
Similarly, the tower defense VR experience of Kittypocalypse lets you upgrade turrets and towers to perfect their cutie-cat killing action in competition with increasingly sneaky alien behavior and armor upgrades. While the kittens are cute, they are, in fact, aliens in disguise, so falter not and stay vigilant.

When Bolverk Games launched this game in  2016, the graphics were unparalleled in the limited VR gaming universe. As a result, the game is still worth the small investment.

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