Sci-fi survival strategy game, The Captain is Dead,enters the Next Generation!



Not content with delivering outer-space-mayhem-galore with the release of The Captain is Dead, digital board game specialists, Thunderbox Entertainment, have spent the last few months bringing a number of radical new updates to the game, to enhance the inexplicable fun of battling an unpleasant demise, adrift and alone in the cold and unforgiving blackness of deep, deep space.

Desktop players can plan their strategy to perfection with the all-new Tactical HUD, a UI designed with the help of the game’s passionate Steam community. This new display places every last bit of information front and centre, allowing advanced players to instantly assess the situation and react accordingly. Need to gather up Command Skills to avoid an External Scanner blow-out? The Tactical HUD will let you know! And you thought those fancy 4K monitors were just for pretty visuals…

Meanwhile, four new crew members have beamed aboard your ship, each with a new set of skills that will radically switch up the way you play!

The Teleporter Chief lets you beam stuff like a boss,  the bad-ass Tactical Officer makes sure that the shields are juiced and the crew is ready for action, the wise and mysterious Scholar keeps the space weirdness in check from the ship’s lab, and the versatile Hologram saves everyone’s butt while reminding them all how fantastic he is… as long as you don’t let the computers explode, in which case he’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Good thing you kept those External Scanners up, eh?

Each crew is fully voiced by some incredible talent, with the annoying-but-loveable Hologram being brought to life by none other than Tom Wayland, the man responsible for Charmander, Snorlax and a veritable menagerie of other animated Pokémon.

And on the subject of catching ’em all, we’ve added something that will tickle your collection itch nicely, in the form of 36 unusual achievements, carefully crafted to put your alien-blasting skillz to the ultimate test. You won’t get an award just for just showing up – you’ve gotta earn these space stripes! Can you beat the no-win scenario like James T. Kirk? Are you honourable enough to join a Krangon Death Ritual? Do you know how to reinstall the scanners with absolutely zero skills in your load-out? Is such a thing even possible? There’s only one way to find out…

So gather your ever-expanding crew, fire up the tactical HUD, and dust off your trophy cabinet, because The Captain Is Dead

The Captain is Dead is available now on SteamiOS and Android, with 25% off this week to celebrate the latest update!


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