The Tenants goes full Landlord with a new update!


Ancient Forge Studio has reached another milestone! With the new update on February 28, players will gain access to selling their apartments, new tasks, and new archetypes for their tenants! With a little spark of magic…

Once again, Ancient Forge Studio and Frozen District prove that they not only listen to their players when it comes to the development of The Tenants, but they don’t shy away from the opportunity to spice up their game with a bit of magic! That’s right! The new tenant archetype will be the magician, with a new set of traits and unique mechanics.

Speaking of implementing player suggestions – it’s finally possible to sell apartments! Buying, renovating, and re-selling? We know that the developers have experience in that matter! However, it turns out that the sale itself is not limited to one click. You will now be able to conduct real auctions, waiting for increasing bids from potential buyers.

The game’s dynamic development has also led to the decision to introduce an additional currency, Landlord Points, which will help with cost balancing and some special actions offered to our tenants. They can be gained by performing elite tasks or active participation in tenants’ orders.

While on the subject of elite contracts: four brand-new job types have also been added, sure to be appreciated by travel enthusiasts and avid florists alike! And while we’re at it, elite items are also joining general use! This will allow for the decoration of establishments with items previously reserved for the most eccentric residents from The Tenants.

Since this is a milestone update, it’s impossible to write about all the content introduced. Therefore, in a nutshell:

Selling apartments!

  • New tenant archetype – Magician
  • New complementary currency – Landlord Points
  • New elite contracts with the possibility to unlock elite items
  • New job types – Creative and Puzzle
  • More customized jobs for specific apartments
  • Rework of prestige/decor/job rating systems
  • General optimization and minor changes

Remember, The Tenants is still available in Early Access, so you have a real influence on the final look of the game when it officially launches.

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