Utomik will officially launch Q1 2018

Utomik will officially launch Q1 2018
Utomik will officially launch Q1 2018

Utomik will officially launch Q1 2018

We are officially launching early next year! Let’s celebrate together by having a look at our incredible journey so far…​

What does this launch actually mean? When we officially launch our pricing plans will go to $7.99 USD (or $12.99 USD for a Family Plan) a month instead of $5.99 USD (or $9.99 USD for a Family Plan). But because we think YOU are awesome, your subscription price will continue to be the same as it is right now, for as long as you keep it running!

That just means you are cooler than the people who become Utomikons later on. 😎 We could not have done this without you and are excited about the future together!

Our journey so far!

How did Utomik start?

You watched the video by now, right? Well, Utomik entered the scene with a bang! With backing from over 70 leading game publishers such as Disney, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Games and SEGA, we pride ourselves on offering the largest and most varied game library in a subscription service – ever. With over 670+ PC games, a weekly growing library, and an increasing amount of day one releases, there’s always something exciting to play. Subscription gaming is the future, and we are shaping it together!


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