Galactic Rangers VR Now Live on Oculus


Galactic Rangers VR Now Live on Oculus

Independent game studio DGMA released their game Galactic Rangers VR, a first-person space action VR game on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S for $14.99 on September 30. Galactic Rangers VR is an immersive shooter arcade experience for all trigger-happy players, who don’t mind a challenge and enjoy dodging projectiles, debris, and asteroids. Use your blasters and point at a target and shoot, blasting away enemies.  The story of Galactic Rangers VR centers on mysterious Space Cybernetic Invaders who have threatened the frontier worlds. You, like other Galactic Rangers, were ordered to go to defend the borders from an unknown threat, find out where the cyborgs raid and permanently destroy their lair! Galactic Rangers VR is also available on Steam and supports a vast majority of VR devices such as Oculus Touch, VR/HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality. 
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FeaturesEasy to jump in wave-FPS  Realistic and colourful graphicsTons of enemies you have to blast throughFast-paced actionThe story unfolds as you progress in the gameTons of fun, shooting and dodging as you blast off the enemiesCool gadgets and bonuses – super shield and time dilatio

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